State Budget Condition Publications

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State Budget Condition Staff

Carolyn Chu
(916) 319-8326
Local Government
Ryan Miller
(916) 319-8307
Taxes and CalSTRS
Nick Schroeder
(916) 319-8314
Public Employment, CalPERS, and Elections
Brian Uhler
(916) 319-8328
Housing and Property Taxes
Ann Hollingshead
(916) 319-8305
State Budget and Federal Funding
Brian Weatherford
(916) 319-8337
Corporation Tax and Insurance
Justin Garosi
(916) 319-8359
Personal Income Tax and Economic Outlook
Seth Kerstein
(916) 319-8365
Sales and Excise Taxes
Jason Sisney
(916) 319-8361
Chief Deputy Legislative Analyst, State and Local Finance