Legislative Analyst's Office, July 7, 1996



Table of Contents

Legislative, Judicial, Executive

Item 0250-001-0001--Judicial
Item 0505-001-0001--Department of Information Technology
Item 0520-001-0001--Business, Transportation and Housing Agency
Item 0540-001-0001--Secretary for Resources
Item 0555-001-0044--Secretary for Environmental Protection
Item 0690-001-0001--Office of Emergency Services
Item 0820-001-0001--Department of Justice

State and Consumer Services

Item 1700-001-0001--Department of Fair Employment and Housing
Item 1730-001-0001--Franchise Tax Board
Item 1760-001-0602--Department of General Services
Item 1760-001-0666--Department of General Services

Business, Transportation, and Housing

Item 2180-001-0067--Department of Corporations
Item 2310-001-0400--Office of Real Estate Appraisers
Item 2660-001-0042--Department of Transportation
Item 2660-001-0046--Department of Transportation
Item 2660-325-0042--Department of Transportation
Item 2720-001-0001--California Highway Patrol


Item 3110-101-0001--Tahoe Regional Planning Agency
Item 3125-001-0001--California Tahoe Conservancy
Item 3340-001-0001--California Conservation Corps
Item 3540-001-0001--California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
Item 3560-001-0001--State Lands Commission
Item 3600-001-0200--Department of Fish and Game
Item 3680-001-0516--Department of Boating and Waterways
Item 3760-001-0565--State Coastal Conservancy
Item 3790-001-0001--Department of Parks and Recreation
Item 3810-001-0001--Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy
Item 3860-001-0001--Department of Water Resources
Item 3900-001-0044--Air Resources Board
Item 3910-001-0226--California Integrated Waste Management Board
Items 3960-001-0013, 3960-001-0014, and 3960-001-0455--Department of Toxic Substances Control

Health and Social Services

Item 4260-001-0001--Department of Health Services
Item 4300-001-0001--Department of Developmental Services
Item 4700-001-0001--Department of Community Services and Development
Item 5160-001-0001--Department of Rehabilitation
Item 5180-001-0001--Department of Social Services

Youth and Adult Correctional

Item 5240-001-0001--Department of Corrections
Item 5460-001-0001--Department of the Youth Authority


Item 6110-001-0001--Department of Education
Item 6110-001-0890--Department of Education
Item 6110-009-0001--Department of Education
Item 6420-001-0001--California Postsecondary Education Commission
Item 6440-001-0001--University of California
Item 6610-490--California State University
Item 6610-001-0001--California State University
Item 6870-001-0001--California Community Colleges
Item 6870-101-0001--California Community Colleges

General Government

Item 8100-101-0001--Office of Criminal Justice Planning
Item 8380-001-0001--Department of Personnel Administration
Item 8570-001-0001--Department of Food and Agriculture
Item 8570-002-0001--Department of Food and Agriculture
Item 8660-001-0462--Public Utilities Commission
Item 8860-001-0001--Department of Finance
Item 8940-001-0001--Military Department
Item 8965-001-0001--Veteran's Homes of California

Capital Outlay

Item 0690-301-0001--Office of Emergency Services--Capital Outlay
Item 0820-301-0001--Department of Justice--Capital Outlay
Item 1760-301-0666--Department of General Services--Capital Outlay
Item 1760-301-0768--Department of General Services--Capital Outlay
Item 2660-311-0042--Department of Transportation--Capital Outlay
Item 2720-301-0044--Department of the California Highway Patrol--Capital Outlay
Item 2740-301-0044--Department of Motor Vehicles--Capital Outlay
Item 3540-301-0001--Department of Forestry and Fire Protection--Capital Outlay
Item 3680-301-0516--Department of Boating and Waterways--Capital Outlay
Item 3790-301-0001--Department of Parks and Recreation--Capital Outlay
Item 4260-301-0001--Department of Health Services--Capital Outlay
Item 4300-301-0001--Department of Developmental Services--Capital Outlay
Item 4440-301-0001--Department of Mental Health--Capital Outlay
Items 5100-301-0588, 5100-301-0690, 5100-301-0870, and 5100-301-0871
--Employment Development Department--Capital Outlay
Item 5240-301-0659--Department of Corrections--Capital Outlay
Item 5460-301-0659--Department of the Youth Authority--Capital Outlay
Item 5460-301-0751--Department of the Youth Authority--Capital Outlay
Item 6440-301-0658--University of California--Capital Outlay
Item 6440-301-0705--University of California--Capital Outlay
Item 6600-301-0658--Hastings College of the Law--Capital Outlay
Item 6610-301-0658--California State University--Capital Outlay
Item 6870-301-0658--California Community Colleges--Capital Outlay
Item 8570-301-0001--Department of Food and Agriculture--Capital Outlay
Items 8940-301-0001 and 8940-301-0890--Department of the Military--Capital Outlay

Appendix I

California Conservation Corps Performance Budget

Data not available at this web site.

Appendix II

Department of Parks and Recreation Performance Budget

Data not available at this web site.

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