What the New Federal Act Means to California

Transportation Equity Act
for the 21st Century

Figure 12

Figure 12
TEA 21
Rail New Start and Extension Authorizations
1998 Through 2004
(In Millions)
Area Project with Earmarked Funds New Start Funding Total Cost
San Diego Mission Valley East Corridor $325 $332
San Joaquin Regional Transit Intermodal Corridor 14 NA
Area Project with Full Funding Grant Agreements New Start Funding Sought Total Cost
Los Angeles Metro 3 (North Hollywood, East Side and Mid City Extensions) $1,417 $2,781
San Francisco BART to San Francisco Intl. Airport 750 1,167
San Jose Tasman Corridor Light Rail 183 343
Sacramento South Corridor 111 222
Area Other Projects Eligible for New Start Final Design and Construction Funds
Los Angeles Metrolink San Bernardino Line    
Los Angeles Metrolink Union Station--Fullerton    
Monterey Monterey County Commuter Rail    
Orange County Fullerton-Irvine Corridor    
Sacramento Folsom Extension    
  Placer County Corridor    
San Diego Mid-Coast LRT Corridor    
  Oceanside-Escondido Corridor    
San Francisco Bayshore Corridor    
Santa Cruz Fixed Guideway    
Santa Monica Santa Monica Busway    
Stockton Altamont Commuter Rail    

Projects Eligible for New Start Alternative Analysis and Preliminary Engineering Funds

Fremont Fremont-South Bay Corridor    
Los Angeles Metro 4 East Side Extension (beyond Metro 3 limits)    
Los Angeles Metro 4 San Fernando Valley East - West Extension    
Los Angeles LOSSAN (Del Mar - San Diego)    
Oakland Oakland Airport-BART Connector    
Riverside Riverside-Parris Rail Passenger Service    
San Bernardino Redland-San Bernardino Transportation Corridor    
San Francisco North Bay Commuter Rail (Marin and Sonoma County)    
San Francisco CalTrain Extension to Hollister    

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