December 1998

LAO Recommended Legislation, 1998


The role of the Legislative Analyst's Office is to review state programs and make recommendations to the Legislature as to how the state can operate more effectively and efficiently. While most of our recommendations can be addressed in the annual budget bill, some involve recommended changes in law that require separate legislation. This report includes such recommended law changes that we have made in recent years. If you would like more information or assistance on any one of the proposed recommendations, please contact the person(s) listed at the bottom of each page. The deadline for bill requests to Legislative Counsel is January 22, 1999. The last day for bill introduction is February 26, 1999.



Provide Faster Equalization of K-12 School Funding
Eliminate Costly and Inappropriate Placement of Students In County Community Schools
Phase Out K-12 Basic Aid
Consolidate K-12 Categorical Funding Into Block Grants
Class Size Reduction: Increase Program Flexibility For Educational Benefit
Increase Federal Support to Improve Higher Education Programs


Evaluate Work Participation Standards
Revise Child Support Program Administration
Standardize IHSS Payment Methods
Recognize Regional Clearinghouses for Nursing Home Placements
Improve Test Reliability at Clinical Laboratories
Require CCS Children to Enroll in Healthy Families Program

Criminal Justice

Accommodating Long-Term Inmate Population Growth
Enact Reforms in Prison Industry Authority
Expand Civil Addict Program
Enact Reforms to Parole System
Eliminate Foreign Prisoner Transfer Program
Enact Excise Tax on Precursor Chemicals Used in Methamphetamines
Enact Changes in Department of Justice Responsibilities and Relationships With Local Governments


Transfer Beverage Container Recycling Program
Levy Fire Protection Fees
Reauthorize State Superfund Program
Enact Polluter Pays Fees
Modify California Environmental Quality Act

General Government

Eliminate Agricultural Labor Relations Board and Transfer Duties to the Public Employment Relations Board
Develop Statewide Multiyear Capital Outlay Plan
Improve the Structure and Nature of State Civil Service
Eliminate State Regulation of Certain Occupational and Professional Activities
Consolidate Tax Boards Into a New Department of Revenue
Submit Redevelopment Plans to State Attorney General
Make School Districts Responsible for Benefits
Rethink Cal-Vet Home Loan Program
Authorize High Occupancy Toll Lane Pilot Project
Fund Transit Rolling Stock

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