Legislative Analyst's Office, December 1998

1998 Cal Facts
Program Trends
Part III

Environment Is Biggest Water User

(In million acre-feet)a

Almost Half of All State-Owned
Wildlands Is Concentrated in Five Counties

Transportation Demand Outpaces Revenuesa

Federal Highway Funds to California Increasing Significantly

Smog Check Program Requirements Vary by Area

Most vehicles must undergo a smog check biennially, (major exceptions are vehicles not over four years old and pre-1974 vehicles).

California is divided into three types of areas:

Projected Capital Outlay Needs For the State and K-12 Education

1999-00 Through 2003-04
(In Billions)

Five-Year Total a
Transportation $19.6
K-12 Education 11.0
Higher Education 6.6
Adult/Youth Prisons 3.3
Office Buildings/24-Hour Health Care 1.4
Resources 0.8
Total $42.7
a Based on five-year capital outlay plans prepared by state agencies, except K-12 education and new prison construction, which are the Legislative Analyst's estimates.

Voter Action on General Obligation Bonds Since 1986

Costs of Paying for a $100 Million Project

(In Millions)

Share of General Fund Revenue Needed for Bond Payments

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