Health and Social Services

Item 4260-001-0001--Department of Health Services

1. Accounting Staff Augmentation. By authorizing an increase of six positions in the Accounting Section of the Department of Health Services, it is the intent of the Legislature that the problems identified in the department's 1999 internal audit follow-up review will be fully addressed, including (a) the accounting claims processing backlog, (b) time delays in the processing of all accounting claims, such as vendor payments and employee travel claims, and (c) the payment of interest penalties due to late processing. The department shall provide the Legislature with a status update on the progress of implementing the recommendations of the internal audit by May 1, 2001.

Item 4260-101-0001--Department of Health Services

1. Medi-Cal Services for Children. The Department of Health Services shall report to the fiscal and policy committees of the Legislature by March 1, 2001 on areas where Medi-Cal services for children do not meet Academy of Pediatrics standards, including but not limited to, the recommended schedule for health screenings.

Item 5175-001-0001--Department of Child Support Services

1. Data Conversion Report. The Franchise Tax Board (FTB) and the Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) shall submit a report to the chairperson of the fiscal committee in each house of the Legislature and the Chairperson of the Joint Legislative Budget Committee that provides descriptions of: the roles and responsibilities of FTB, DCSS and the counties for data conversion to the California Child Support Automation Systems (CCSAS), the Pre-Statewide Interim Systems Management (PRISM) activities as they relate to data conversion, and once a county is converted to an interim system, any additional county conversion and data cleanup activities. The report shall also provide an explanation of how current and future automation efforts with processing of Non-IVD child support orders will be included in the development of CCSAS. The intent of the Legislature is that this report is to be submitted by October 1, 2000.

Item 5180-101-0001--Department of Social Services

1. CalWORKs Sanctions. The department shall report to the Legislature, no later than April 1, 2001, on the rates of good cause establishment from sanctions and curing of sanctions in the CalWORKs program. The report shall also include recommendations for improving these current processes.

2. CalWORKs Inter-County Transfers. The department shall report to the Legislature, no later than April 1, 2001, on findings and recommendations to improve the current CalWORKs inter-county transfer process to minimize disruption to services for current CalWORKs recipients.

Item 5180-151-0001--Department of Social Services

1. Child Care Facility Safety. The department shall collect data on unmet needs for child care facility safety and shall submit a report to the Legislature by June 30, 2001. The department shall submit a budget change proposal for 2001-02, if appropriate, based on results of their review.

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