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Cal Facts 2006

California's Economy and Budget in Perspective

Program Trends

State Is Primary Source of Revenue For K-12 Schools


About One-Third of K-12 Funding Has Strings Attached


Teacher Retirement Rates On the Rise

CalSTRS Annual Retirement Rate

K-12 Enrollment Expected to Be Virtually Flat in Near Term

K-12 Enrollment Trends Vary Greatly by County

Projected Change, 2004 to 2014

Percentage of Low-Performing Students on the Decline

Percent of Fourth-Grade Students Scoring "Below Basic" in Reading

Large Achievement Gap Exists Across Grade Levels

Percent Scoring at Proficient or Advanced on 2006 State Standardized English Language Arts Exam

High-Poverty Schools Have Fewer "Highly Qualified" Teachers

Percent of Highly Qualified Teachers

Funding Per College Student Has Outpaced Inflation

2006 Dollarsa

Growth in College-Age Population To Slow Sharply After 2009

Projected Annual Change in 18- to 24-Year-Olds

UC and CSU Faculty Salaries Among Highest in Nation

2004-05 Average Faculty Salary for State Four-Year Public Universities

Student Fees Cover Small Share Of Higher Education Costs

Average Cost Per FTE Undergraduate Student 2006-07

Most Higher Education Subsidies Not Targeted to Needy Students

Total General Fund Support for Undergraduate Students in 2005-06

Most CSU Freshmen Require Remediation

Regularly Admitted Freshmen in Fall 2005

SSI/SSP Caseload 
				Continues to Grow

SSI/SSP Caseload Continues to Grow

Cases in Thousands

CalWORKs Caseload Flattens; Share of Child-Only Cases Increases

Cases in Thousands

SSI/SSP Grant Is Just Above Poverty Level . . .

. . . While CalWORKs Grant Is Significantly Below Poverty Level

Welfare Spending Shifts From Cash Assistance to Services

Expenditures in Millions

IHSS Cost Per Person Leveling Off

Child Support Collections Rising but Cost-Effectiveness Lags Nation

One Year After Entering Foster Care, Most Children Are Still in Care

Of Those Who Leave in a Given Year, One-Half Return to Their Family

Spending on Child Care Has Increased Significantly

Dollars in Millions

Medi-Cal Caseload Growth Slowing While Cost Per Person Increases

Most Medi-Cal Families/Children Are Not on Welfare

Medi-Cal Caseload Is Primarily Families/Children . . .


. . . While Most Medi-Cal Spending Is for Elderly/Disabled

Smoking Has Declined Among California Adults

Prevalence of Smoking Among Adults 18 and Older a

Regional Center Spending Up Significantly

Percent Change Since 1999-00

Crime Rate Up After Decade Decline

Rate Per 100,000 Population

Crime Rates Vary Widely Among Large Counties

2005 Rates Per 100,000 Population

Prison Population Exceeds Permanent Capacity

1990 Through 2010

Offenders Sent to Prison for Various Offense Types


Total Human-Made Greenhouse Gas Emissions Climbing

In Metric Tons

Most Regions Failing Particulate Matter (PM10) Standard

Electricity Supply and Transmission Flat While Demand Grows

Delta Is at the Heart of California's Water System

Increasing Development Where State Fights Wildland Fires

Protected Species Concentrated in Heavily Developed Areas

Growth in Travel on State Highways Outpaces Capacity Increases

Local Funds Provide Almost One-Half of Transportation Revenues


Most State and Federal Transportation Revenues Come From Fuel Taxes

State Transportation Funding Comes Primarily From Fuel Taxes . . .


. . . And Goes Primarily for Highways


Are Californians Really in Love With Their Cars?

California Ports Handle Increasing Amount of Goods

Bond Funds Will Provide Substantial One-Time Infusion to Transportation

Infrastructure Spending Focused on Transportation and Educationa

In Billions

Bonds Provide About Two-Thirds of Infrastructure Funding

2001-02 Through 2005-06


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