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March 2006

SANDAG: An Assessment of Its Role in the San Diego Region


Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction 1

Governance of the San Diego Region 3

Land Use 19

Background 19
Major Findings 22

Transportation 29

Background 29
Major Findings 37

Housing and the Environment 43

Housing 43
Air Quality 47
Water Quality 50
Natural Habitat Conservation 53

Governing the San Diego Region: Assessment and Alternative Approaches 57

Mixed Report Card for Regional Governance System 57
Policy Trade-Offs Inherent in Governance Change 60
Options for Making the Region’s Government Work Better 60

No Change 61

Take Incremental Steps 63

Broad Governance Restructuring 67

Conclusion 71



This report was coordinated by Marianne O'Malley, with contributions from Mark Ibele, Joel Riphagen, Michelle Baass, Michael Cohen, Brendan McCarthy, Seija Virtanen-Blaylock, Dana Curry, Mark Newton, and David Vasché. The Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO) is a nonpartisan office which provides fiscal and policy information and advice to the Legislature. 

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