How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in employment at the Legislative Analyst’s Office. The LAO accepts and evaluates applications for the fiscal and policy analyst position throughout the year and maintains a list of interested and qualified individuals to hire from when vacancies occur.

2016 LAO Staff

The LAO also recruits nationally on various campuses during the fall. During the campus recruiting process, the LAO typically is recruiting to fill the general fiscal and policy analyst position as opposed to specific assignments. This is because we do not know which assignments will be vacant when new hires report for work the following summer and fall.

Applicants should submit a cover letter, resume, and three references (name, relationship, and phone numbers only) to Sarah Kleinberg, Administrative Officer.

Please e-mail your packet to:

With the exception of during the fall campus recruitment season, when a response might be delayed, the LAO will respond to applicants within three weeks of receiving application materials. Applicants will be notified whether or not we wish to schedule a first round interview. Some candidates will be selected for second round interviews, which will take place in Sacramento at our expense. Applicants who remain under consideration towards the end of the selection process may be asked to submit school transcripts and a short writing sample.

Questions on this position or about the LAO should be directed to Sarah Barkman at: