State Has Allocated $2.1 Billion ($1.5 Billion State and $615 Million Federal) for Programs Exclusively for Schools. As displayed in the first part of Figure 1, the state and federal governments have created about a dozen programs over the last 14 years that provide funding to schools to support Internet activities. These programs primarily help schools pay for Internet infrastructure, Internet service, devices, and equipment. The state also has provided funding for technical assistance and the development of Internet-based tools for instruction.

State Has Allocated $7 Billion ($709 Million State, $6.2 Billion Federal) for Programs for Schools and Other Entities. The second part of Figure 1 details Internet-related programs created by the state and federal governments to benefit multiple entities, including schools. For example, programs aimed at improving Internet infrastructure in a particular geographic region benefit multiple entities, including schools, households, businesses, and non-school government agencies. Several other programs help schools and other entities, such as libraries, pay their Internet service bills.