Staff Roster

Corrections, Transportation, and Environment

Name Assignment Phone
Brown, Brian Managing Principal Analyst, Resources, Environment, and Infrastructure (916) 319-8325
Brown, Ross Air Quality, Energy, and Climate Change (916) 319-8345
Ehlers, Rachel Water, Coastal Development, and Fish and Wildlife (916) 319-8330
Kerstein, Helen Infrastructure and Business (916) 319-8364
Koushmaro, Luke Correctional Health Care, Rehabilitation Programs, Juvenile Justice, Community Corrections (916) 319-8355
Lee, Anita Courts, Department of Justice, Victims, Gambling (916) 319-8321
Martin, Shawn Water, Agriculture, and Toxics (916) 319-8362
O'Neil, Caitlin State Prisons, County Jails, Sentencing (916) 319-8351
Peters, Jessica Forestry, Parks, and Recycling (916) 319-8363
Simbol, Anthony Deputy Legislative Analyst (916) 319-8350
Soderborg, Drew Managing Principal Analyst, Criminal Justice (916) 319-8346