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Analysis of the 2000-01 Budget Bill
Military Department (8940)

The Military Department is responsible for the command and management of the California Army and Air National Guard. To support its operations, the department maintains 127 armories and 38 maintenance operations throughout the state. These facilities total about 2.5 million square feet of building space. About 70 percent of this space was built before 1960.

The department's proposed capital outlay program for 2000-01 totals $2.5 millionprimarily from the General Fund with $36,000 in federal funds. This total includes:

Schedule Major Capital Outlay Projects

We recommend the Legislature schedule three individual capital outlay projects included under Item 8940-301-0001 rather than provide a lump-sum appropriation.

The budget proposes $329,000 as a lump-sum appropriation for two major capital outlay projects and planning/study funds for projects for which the federal government funds the construction phase. The two major capital outlay projects are: (1) a new combat pistol range ($98,000 from the General Fund for preliminary plans, with an estimated future cost of $2,017,000) and (2) a new rifle range ($106,000 from the General Fund for preliminary plans, with an estimated future cost of $2,259,000).

Each of these projects is reasonable and we recommend the Legislature approve the requested amounts. The projects, however, are both major capital outlay proposals and should be individually scheduled. Thus, we recommend the Legislature schedule these projects as follows rather than provide a lump-sum appropriation.

Facility Survey and Master Plan (Phase II)

We recommend the Legislature delete $545,000 from the General Fund for the second phase of the department's master plan because the initial phase has not been completed. (Delete $545,000 under Item 8940-301-0001 [2].)

The budget proposes $545,000 for the second phase of a statewide master planning effort for the department's armories and maintenance facilities. The purpose of this study is to develop a long-range plan for addressing the department's facilities needs on a statewide basis.

In the 1998-99 Budget Act, the Legislature appropriated $485,000 for the initial phase of this planning effort--a statewide survey to assess the condition of the department's facilities. The survey was to be completed by June 1999. The department reports that the first phase is not complete and is unable to provide a completion date. In addition, the Legislature adopted supplemental report language in 1999-00 directing the department to prepare and submit by January 1, 2000, a long-term capital improvement program detailing proposed repair, modernization, replacement projects and expenditures, and annually report on the progress in attaining the objectives of the plan. When this Analysis was written, neither the survey nor the report had been received. Furthermore, the department has not provided any information to substantiate the amount being requested ($545,000) to undertake the second phase of the master plan. Given the status of these documents and the lack of justification for the requested amount, we recommend the Legislature delete the $545,000 requested for this plan.

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