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Analysis of the 2000-01 Budget Bill
Veterans' Home of CaliforniaBarstow (8965)

The Department of Veterans Affairs operates the Veterans' Home of California in Barstow. The Barstow facility provides three levels of care, ranging from residential to skilled nursing. The Governor's budget includes a capital outlay request of $442,000 from the Veterans Home Fund (bonds) for construction of a modified assisted living space at the home. These funds are contingent on passage of $50 million of veterans' home bonds included on the March 7, 2000 ballot.

Modifications for Assisted Daily Living Activities

We withhold recommendation on $442,000 under Item 8965-301-0701 for alterations to change domiciliary space to assisted daily living space because the department has not fully identified the project scope, cost, or schedule.

The budget proposes $442,000 from the Veterans Home Fund for construction to alter existing domiciliary space to assisted daily living space. The department's proposal includes the installation of a wireless monitoring system, construction of a nursing station, and modifications to shower stalls, doors, the fire alarm system, and sprinkler system.

The department has not provided sufficient information to assess either the work to be accomplished or the associated costs. For example:

Consequently, we withhold recommendation on this project pending further information from the department to clarify the issues listed above.

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