Legislative Analyst's Office

Analysis of the 2001-02 Budget Bill

Air Resources Board (3900)

The budget proposes $2.2 million for one major capital outlay project for the Air Resources Board.

Haagen-Smit Laboratory Breezeway Renovation

We recommend deletion of $2.2 million for construction because preliminary plans are only 10 percent complete and working drawings have not been started. (Delete $2.2 million from Item 3900-301-0115 [1]).

The Haagen-Smit Laboratory performs emission testing of motor vehicles. Federal regulations require these tests be conducted in a temperature and weather controlled environment, which is not possible with the existing laboratory configuration. This project would permit testing in accordance with federal regulations by enclosing the breezeway, relocating equipment, and constructing other improvements that will provide the necessary temperature and weather controlled test space. The 2000-01 Budget Act appropriated $271,000 for preliminary plans and working drawings for the project.

The Department of General Services reports the preliminary plans for this project are only 10 percent complete and are not scheduled for completion until May 2001. Lacking these plans, the Legislature has no more information than it had last year when it appropriated funds for preliminary plans. When the plans are available, the Legislature will have the information it needs to determine that the project is within the legislatively approved scope and cost. Accordingly, we recommend the Legislature delete the $2.2 million requested for construction of this project. We would urge the department to expedite the current time frame for completing the preliminary plans for legislative review during the budget process. If this occurs, this project may warrant legislative consideration.

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