Legislative Analyst's Office

Analysis of the 2002-03 Budget Bill

Military Department (8940)

The Military Department is responsible for the command and management of the California Army and Air National Guard. To support its operations, the department maintains 118 armories and 32 maintenance operations throughout the state. Most of these facilities were built before 1960. The department's capital outlay program for 2002-03 includes $9,485,000 from the General Fund.

The budget includes the following proposals:

Facility Survey and Master Plan Phase II Not Complete

We withhold recommendation on funding the Military Department's capital outlay program pending receipt and review of the department's phase II facility master plan because absent this information, the Legislature cannot assess the department's facility needs and priorities. (Withhold $9,485,000 under Item 8940-301-0001 [1] [2] [3]and [4].)

In the 2001-02 Budget Act, the Legislature appropriated $545,000 of funding for the Military Department to complete the phase II portion of their facility master plan to identify deficiencies in, and assess the condition of, the department's facilities and identify solutions. According to the proposal from the prior year, "the end goal of the Master Plan phase is an automated 20-year Master Plan Report that provides specific objective recommendations for which facilities to build, renovate, expand. . ." However, this report has not been completed. Therefore, the Legislature has insufficient information to evaluate the need for, or priority of, the proposed projects. We withhold recommendation on the department's capital outlay program pending receipt and review of the results of the master plan phase II.

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