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February 23, 2006

Highlights of the 2006-07 Analysis


Minimize Impact of Proposition†98 on Structural Gap

Create a Fiscal Solvency Block Grant

Simplify the K-12 Mandates Process

Proposition†49-Recommend Repeal

Higher Education

University Enrollment Growth Funding Overbudgeted

Fee Decisions Should Be Driven By Share-of-Cost Considerations

California Community Colleges

Administration of Financial Aid Programs Could Be Improved


Medi-Cal Budget Should Be Adjusted for Effects of Medicare Drug Benefit

A Targeted Strategy to Constrain Costs and Improve Access to Community Care

Medi-Calís Bitter Pill: High Payments to Pharmacies

Future Federal Funding Shortfall for Healthy Families

Proposition†36 at a Crossroads

Hospital Waiver Increasing State General Fund Costs

Reform of Licensing and Certification of Health and Social Services Providers

A Perspective on Emergencies and Disasters in California

Better Oversight of Regional Center Purchases Needed

Some Practical Steps to Increase Childrenís Enrollment

Mental Health Mandates Continue to Pose Challenges

Social Services

Strategies to Meet Federal Work Participation Requirements

California Failing to Meet Child Welfare Performance Goals

Reject Freeze for County Administration of Health and Human Services Programs

Funding for Child Welfare Services Should Meet Local Needs

Legislature Needs More Information About IHSS Fraud Prevention


Autopilot Spending for the Entire Judicial Branch Is Not Justified

Recidivism Reduction Proposal Requires Modification

Custody Assistants Would Improve Prison Operations

Settlement Requires Improvements in Inmate Dental Care

Telemedicine Expansion Would Save State Money, Improve Inmate Health Care

Various Department of Justice Requests Lack Justification


Budget Boosts Short-Term Funding-But Not New Projects

Administration Has Failed to Demonstrate Projectsí Congestion Benefits

Firewalling Proposition†42 Comes With a Big Downside

Revenue Bond Would Crowd Out Highway Maintenance and Rehabilitation

Not Clear If Enhanced Radio System Supports Interoperability

Costs of Complying With Federal Real ID Act Will Be Significant


CALFED Bay-Delta Program Needs Overhauling

Reorganizing the Stateís Energy-Related Activities Needs Jump Start

Fish and Game Swimming in Fiscal Problems

Legislature Needs to Determine Stateís Climate Change Policy

Hydrogen Highway Initiative Needs Legislative Roadmap

Less Costly Staffing Patterns Need Consideration in Future Firefighter Contracts

Monies Intended to Benefit Teachersí Retirement Fund Sit Idle

Addressing the Stateís Flood Management Problems

Below-Target Recycling Has Lead to a Swelling Fund Balance

General Government

Continuing Concerns With Help America Vote Act (HAVA) Implementation

Delete Midyear Reduction Authority for More Honest Budgeting

Reject More Autopilot Spending From the Administration

Many of Governorís Emergency Preparedness Proposals Are Flawed

State Has $40†Billion to $70†Billion in Unfunded Liabilities for Retiree Health Costs

Capital Outlay

Strategic Growth Plan Not Backed by Infrastructure Plan

Transfer of Trial Court Facilities Barely Happening

Bonds Not Appropriate for Bats and Balls

Local Government

State Begins to Pay Backlog of Mandate Claims


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