Taxes, and Spending

The Civics Model of Government

California's Winchester Mystery Government

California’s Population Has Increased Dramatically Over Time

California’s Diverse and
Changing Ethnic Mix

California’s Population Growth Will
Continue to Outpace the Nation’s

California Is Becoming
Increasingly Urban

California’s Economy
Is Highly Diversified

California Is the World’s
Eighth Largest Economy

Growth in Personal Income
By Major California Economic Region

High-Tech, Services, and Construction Lead California’s Current Economic Expansion

Income Gains—Widespread But Greatest at the High End

Share of Total State Expenditures By Major Program Area

Changes in the Mix of State Expenditures Over Time

State Expenditures
Relative to the Economy

Significant Changes Over Time in the State-Local Fiscal Relationship

Relative Importance of Different Revenue Sources Over Time

California’s Relative Tax Burden—About Average

Underlying General Fund
Revenue Growth

Recent General Fund Revenue Performance by Source

Significant Upward Revisions Made To Projected Revenue Growth

Prevalence of Low-Income Persons
Differs by California Region

Housing Affordability Is a Major Issue In California

Health Insurance Coverage for Nonelderly Californians

Funding for K-12 and Higher Education Per Student

Growth in Total Public Funding
For K-12 and College-Age Students

8th Grade Reading Proficiency Levels
By Race/Ethnicity

8th Grade Math Proficiency Levels
By Race/Ethnicity

8th Grade Proficient Readers

California Public Higher Education Participation Over Time

State and Student Shares of College Institutional Costs

Trends in State Capital Outlay Spending Over Time

Ten-Year Infrastructure Needs
Exceed $80 Billion

Steady Growth in Transportation
Demand Foreseen

Growing Water Demands to
Put Pressure on Supply

The Problems in California’s
State-Local Relationship