Cal Facts 1996 -- Program Trends -- Part A

Cal Facts 1996, Part VI
Program Trends -- Part A

Annual Cost Per Participant Varies Widely Among Major Programs

Prison Population Is Growing Much Faster Than Other Caseloads

Percent Growth Since 1985-86

K-12 Enrollment Growth Rates Increasing

Percent Growth

The Average Costs of a California School


K-12 School Revenue


K-12 Expenditures Per Pupil Lowest Among Ten Largest States

Expenditures Per Pupil

Higher Education Enrollments Have Declined; May Now Be Stabilizing

Recent Fee Increases Have Been Moderate
Except for Professional School Students

California's Resident Fees Are Low Compared to Other Public Institutions

Crime Rate Peaked in California in 1980

Rate per 100,000 Population

Crime Rate Remains Stable Despite Sharp Increase in Imprisonment

Crime Rate /Incarceration Rate Indexed to 1972

Felony Arrests Highest Among Juveniles

Rate per 100,000 age-eligible population

Juvenile Felony Arrests Likely to Increase Significantly

Number of Arrests (In Thousands)

California's Crime Rate Higher Than Many Large States

Rate per 100,000 Population

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