Cal Facts 1996 -- Program Trends -- Part B

Cal Facts 1996, Part VII
Program Trends -- Part B

California's AFDC Caseloads Have Started to Decline a

AFDC Cases (In Thousands)

Dependence on AFDC Has Started to Decline

Dependency Rate

California's AFDC Grants Highest Among the Ten Largest States

January 1995

Foster Care Caseloads Increasing

(In Thousands)

Disabled Recipients Are Largest and Fastest
Growing Segment of the SSI/SSP Caseload

SSI/SSP Cases (In Thousands)

California's SSI/SSP Grants Highest Among the Ten Largest States

November 1995

Growth in Medi-Cal Cases Slowing Down

Number of Eligibles (In Millions)

State Highway Travel Has Increased; Fuel Consumption Remains Stable

(In Billions)

State Funds Play Small Role in Growth of Highway Capital Outlay

Constant 1987-88 Dollars (In Billions)

State Parks General Fund Support Has Declined

Constant 1986-87 Dollars (In Millions)

Most of State Fails State Ozone Standard

Projected Capital Outlay Needs For the State and K-12 Education

1995-96 Through 1999-00 (In Billions)

Share of General Fund Revenue Needed for Bond Payments

Lease-Payment Debt Becoming Larger Share of Total Debt a

(In Billions)

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