Legislative Measures Relating to the Electricity Situation

Bill (Author)


A. Measures to Stimulate Energy Supply

AB 4x (Daucher and Rod Pacheco), AB 45x (Kelley), and AB 96x (B. Campbell)

Provides tax credit for generators.

AB 9x (Richman)

Requires local governments to identify sites for power plants.

AB 27x (Koretz and Horton), SB 1x (Soto), and SB 16x (Soto)

Provides tax credit for purchasing power generation equipment.

AB 28x (Daucher)

Relaxes air pollution controls on alternative liquid fuel generation.

AB 33x (Robert Pacheco)

Provides grants for renewable energy to supply public education facilities.

AB 37x (Frommer, Wiggins, Alquist, Migden, Keeley, Thomson, and Calderon)

Provides rebates for distributed generation technologies.

AB 38x (Jackson, Aroner, Pavley, and Keeley)

Underwrites loans to build power plants.

AB 59x (Robert Pacheco) and AB 97x (Canciamilla)

Relaxes air pollution standards during emergencies and creates an air credit bank.

AB 60x (Hertzberg)

Requires new power plants to sell at cost-based prices and requires maintenance schedules.

AB 68x (Firebaugh)

Grants priority siting for power plants that enter into long-term contracts.

AB 69x (La Suer)

Requires municipal utilities to sell at cost based prices in the state.

AB 71x (La Suer)

Provides low-interest loans to repower existing power plants and construct Apeaker@ projects.

AB 72x (La Suer)

Provides for the lease of state lands for electric generation and requires the power generated to remain in the state.

AB 75x (Calderon), AB 83x (Keeley and Pescetti), AB 98x (Calderon), AB 108x (Simitian), and SB 54x (Haynes)

Waives stand-by charges for qualified facilities.

AB 76x (Leslie) and SB 59x (Battin)

Accelerates specific power generation projects.

AB 81x (Zettel)

Expedites construction and operation of power plants on prison property.

AB 87x (B. Campbell)

Encourages large energy consumers to generate their own power.

AB 88x (B. Campbell)

Assures access to the grid for small generators.

AB 100x (Mountjoy), SB 38x (Oller), and SB 55x (McClintock)

Exempts back-up generators from air pollution controls during emergencies.

SB 15x (Alarcon)

Provides low-interest loans for public utilities with alternative energy generation sources in long-term contracts.

SB 21x (Machado)

Lifts market rates for usage beyond baseline and requires demand-metered customers to shift usage to off-peak times.

SB 29x (Soto)

Provides grants for projects using methane gas to produce electricity.

SB 35x (Morrow, Alpert)

Promotes distributed generation electricity sources.

SB 39x (Speier)

Prevents market power and physical withholding of power from any divested power plant.

SB 47x (Battin)

Requires qualifying facility contracts to vary with natural gas prices.

SB 64x (Costa)

Extends biomass grant program to existing out-of-service plants.

B. Measures to Minimize Power Plant Outages

AB 8x (Migden, Diaz, and Oropeza)

Requires coordinated schedule of transmission and generation outages.

AB 16x (Oropeza, Diaz)

Requires maintenance during off-peak energy use periods.

AB 70x (La Suer)

Allows only one generating facility at a time to schedule maintenance.

C. Measures to Amend Interruptible Programs

AB14x (Havice)

Authorizes schools to opt out of interruptible contracts and participate in ISO demand reduction programs.

AB 31x (Wright), AB 52x (John Campbell), AB 77x (Robert Pacheco), SB 25x (Knight), and SB 60x (Perata)

Amends and extends interruptible contracts to provide more flexibility to customers.

AB 51x (Daucher)

Provides tax credit on the purchase of a generator if the business enters into an interruptible contract.

D. Measures to Promote Energy Conservation

AB 15x (Rod Pacheco), AB 84x (B. Campbell), and AB 90x (B. Campbell)

Provides tax credit for electricity conservation.

AB 19x (Briggs)

Provides tax credit for diesel fuel used in farming activities reducing the use of electric equipment.

AB 22x (Koretz)

Requires all state occupied buildings to shutdown during emergencies.

AB 29x (Kehoe, Shelley)

Provides funds to install real-time meters, provides grants for energy efficient appliances and to retrofit refrigeration units.

AB 32x (Nation, Aroner)

Installs real-time meters and establishes new rate structure.

AB 40x (Steinberg, Oropeza, and Keeley) and SB 42x (Speier)

Provides grants to local entities to fund energy efficiency and conservation projects.

AB 41x (Lowenthal, Nakano)

Provides energy conservation loans to shopping centers.

AB 42x (Cedillo, Correa, and Keeley)

Establishes mobile energy efficiency brigade.

AB 43x (Kehoe, Keeley, Pescetti, and Jackson) and SB 51x (Polanco)

Provides no-interest loans and grants to school districts for energy conservation and efficiency projects.

AB 44x (Cohn)

Provides funds to install demand responsive technologies and energy-efficiency retrofits.

AB 53x (Reyes)

Provides loan guarantees to businesses installing renewable energy systems.

AB 56x (Leslie)

Considers energy usage when evaluating state facility decisions.

AB 58x (Cox), AB 79x (Nakano), AB 86x (B. Campbell), AB 95x (B. Campbell), and SB 17x (Brulte)

Provides tax credit for installation of solar energy systems.

AB 64x (Strom-Martin)

Identifies state buildings to build cogeneration facilities.

AB 66x (Correa) and AB 67x (McLeod)

Weatherizes low-income homes.

AB 93x (B. Campbell)

Implements building standards requiring solar water heating.

AB 102x (Wayne)

Provides tax credit for purchasing energy efficient heating and cooling systems.

AB 103x (Keeley)

Establishes plan to allow community colleges to achieve energy independence.

SB 5x (Sher, Alarcon, Bowen, Burton)

Implements various energy conservation projects.

SB 6x (Burton and Bowen)

Develops new agency to issue revenue bonds and finance a variety of energy conservation projects.

SB 37x (Brulte)

Monitors building energy efficiency standards and develops new standards that address peak-load energy consumption.

SB 52x (Chesbro)

Implements incentives to install thermal energy storage technologies in commercial buildings.

SB 53x (Margett)

Installs real-time meters to bill large electricity consumers.

SB 63x (Perata)

Provides rebates to consumers that lower their energy usage.

E. Measures to Expedite Power Plant Siting

AB 20x (Zettel)

Expedites permitting process and reasonableness review of long-term contracts.

AB 23x (Canciamilla), AB 49x (B. Campbell), AB 62x (Cohn), and SB 30x (Brulte)

Provides financial incentives for communities to approve  siting of power plants in their jurisdiction.

AB 34x (La Suer)

Expedites local government approval of power plants and environmental reviews.

AB 36x (Wright) and AB 92x (B. Campbell)

Shortens permitting process for repowering existing plants.

AB 39x (Cardoza and Salinas)

Increases the power plant size that requires a permit through the Energy Commission.

AB 55x (Rod Pacheco, Cogdill, Daucher, Zettel)

Exempts repowering of existing power plants from environmental review.

AB 94x (B. Campbell)

Exempts qualified Aclean@ power plants from environmental impact assessments.

AB 106x (Frommer)

Waives requirement that emission credits be secured prior to certification of a power plant site.

SB 28x (Sher)

Expedites siting of power plants.

SB 34x (Knight)

Expedites review of any proposal to site a power plant on an active or closed military facility.

SB 50x (Polanco)

Relaxes air emission rules and the certification processes for Aultra-clean@ thermal power plants.

SB 56x (Battin)

Expedites siting procedure for converting a simple-cycle power plant to a combined-cycle power plant.

SB 57x (Battin)

Expedites decision on applications for all thermal power plants put into service before August 1, 2002.

SB 58x (Battin)

Deletes requirement to demonstrate to the air pollution control districts that the new generation produces fewer air emissions.

F. Measures Relating to the Electricity Transmission System

AB 65x (Wyman)

Exempts any project involving the transmission path known as APath 15@ from environmental assessment reviews.

SB 33x (Burton and Sher)

Establishes California Transmission Authority to issue revenue bonds to purchase transmission grid for agreed-upon price.

SB 40x (Speier)

Requires feasibility study to construct transmission lines parallel to Path 15.

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