Legislative Analyst's Office, December 1998

1998 Cal Facts
State Finances

State Revenues Anchored by Income and Sales Taxes


Underlying General Fund Revenue Base Has Resumed Growth

(In Billions)

California's Income Tax Structure Is Highly Progressive


Capital Gains--An Increasingly Important Revenue Source

Capital Gains Realizations (In Billions)

Sales Tax Rates Vary by County

State Spending Has Recovered Following Recession

Real, Per-Capita Spending (1998 Dollars)

Education, Health, and Social Services Dominate Spending

Annual Cost Per Participant Varies Widely Among Major Programs


Number of Participants (In Millions) Average Cost Per Participant
General Fund Total Government
Prison 0.2 $21,000 $21,000
Youth Authority 0.01 34,000 34,000
K-12 5.5 $4,100 $5,700
UC 0.2 15,800 15,800
CSU 0.3 8,000 8,000
Community Colleges 1.0 2,200 3,700
Health and Welfare--beneficiaries
Medi-Cal 4.8 $1,289b $2,738b
CalWORKs 1.9 947 2,824
SSI/SSP 1.0 2,129 5,803
Foster Care 0.1 3,680 15,100
a Does not include federal funds or lottery funds.
b Include Medi-Cal spending in Healthy Families program. Excludes disproportionate share hospital funding.

Spending Growth Varies By Program Area

1988-89 Through 1998-99

Most Federal Spending Occurs Outside the State Budget

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