Legislative Analyst's Office, March 18, 1996

Background Information on
AFDC, SSI/SSP, and Medi-Cal Programs
And Proposition 99, Part III

Medi-Cal Program

Who Is Eligible for Medi-Cal?

(Dollar in Millions)

Medi-Cal Caseloads Leveling Off

Average Annual Caseload (In Thousands)

Medi-Cal Expenditures by Type of Service

Dollars in Millions

Hospital inpatient$5,459
Long-term care2,251
Managed Care1,436
Presecription drugs1,102
Physician services992
Hospital outpatient450
Other medical services661

A Majority of Medi-Cal Spending Is for the Elderaly and Disabled

Medi-Cal Spending and Caseload

California Is Below Average in Per-Recipient Medicaid Costs

Medicaid Annual Cost Per User 1993

Proposition 99 -- Basic Provisions

Proposition 99 Account Allocations

(In Millions)

Proposition 99 Funding for Department of Health Services Programs
1996-97 Governor's Budget

(In Millions)

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