Legislative Analyst's Office, November 20, 1997

Legislative Analyst's Office

Legislative Analyst
Elizabeth G. Hill 445-4656
Deputy Legislative Analysts
Hadley Johnson, Jr. 445-5456
Mac Taylor 445-6511

Business, Labor, and Capital Outlay


Director Gerald Beavers
Capital outlay/state indebtedness Chuck Nicol
Business regulation and development Gerald Beavers
Consumer protection/gambling Megan M. Atkinson
Capital outlay/labor Paul Guyer

Criminal Justice and State Administration


Director Craig Cornett
Adult corrections Daniel C. Carson
Courts Alexander S. MacBain
Juvenile/local criminal justice Clifton Curry
Information technology and state administration Mary Winkley

Economics, Taxation, and Fiscal Forecasting


Director Jon David Vasché
Senior Economist Brad Williams
Budget overview Robert Ingenito



Director Paul Warren
UC Buzz Breedlove
CSU/Community colleges Robert Turnage
Proposition 98 Jannelle Lee
K-12 categorical programs Bob Spurlock
K-12 categorical programs Joel Schwartz
Special Education Stuart Marshall

Health and Welfare


Director Chuck Lieberman
Welfare/cash grants Todd Bland
Social services David Mancuso
Medi-Cal Dan Rabovsky
Public Health Greg Jolivette
Developmental services/mental health Catherine Senderling

Local Government


Director Mac Taylor
County and city fiscal affairs Marianne O'Malley
County and special district fiscal affairs Michael Cohen

Transportation and Resources


Director Dana Curry
Transportation financing/mass transit Ana Cubas
Highway operations and capital outlay Michael Cunningham
Resources Agency departments Miriam Barcellona
Environmental Protection Agency departments Mark C. Newton

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