LAO 2003-04 Budget Analysis: Resources TOC
Analysis of the 2003-04 Budget Bill
Resources Table of Contents

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Issue-By-Issue Table of Contents


CALFED Bay-Delta Program

Environmental Protection Indicators

Fund Conditions For Resources Programs

Proposition 50 Water-Related Proposals Need Better Definition

Resource Assessments: Improving Effectiveness and Creating Savings

Timber Harvest Fees

Oversight of Electricity Contract Settlement Funds

Coordinating State Agency Representation Before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Secretary for Resources (0540)

Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission (3360)

Department of Forestry And Fire Protection (3540)

Wildlife Conservation Board (3640)

California Coastal Commission (3720)

Department of Parks and Recreation (3790)

Department of Water Resources (3860)

Air Resources Board (3900)

Department of Pesticide Regulation (3930)

State Water Resources Control Board (3940)

Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (3980)