LAO 2003-04 Budget Analysis: General Government TOC
Analysis of the 2003-04 Budget Bill
General Government Table of Contents

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Issue-By-Issue Table of Contents


State Retirement Contributions

General Government-Mandates

Vacant Positions

State Emergency Telephone Number Account

Proposition 46 Housing Bond

Information Technology Governance

State Data Centers-Options for Savings

Contributions to the Judges' Retirement System (0390)

Secretary for Business, Transportation and Housing (0520)

Labor and Workforce Development Agency (0559)

State Controller (0840)

California Gambling Control Commission (0855)

Board of Equalization (0860)

Secretary of State (0890)

Franchise Tax Board (1730)

Department of General Services (1760)

State Personnel Board (1880)

Housing and Community Development (2240)

Stephen P. Teale Data Center (2780)

Technology, Trade, and Commerce Agency (2920)

Health and Human Services Agency Data Center (4130)

Employment Development Department (7100)

Department of Industrial Relations (7350)

Department of Personnel Administration (8380)

California Department of Food and Agriculture (8570)

California Consumer Power and Conservation Financing Authority (8665)

Department of Veterans Affairs and Veterans' Homes of California (8955-8966)

Tax Relief (9100)

Health and Dental Benefits For Annuitants (9650)

Augmentation for Employee Compensation (9800)

Pro Rata (9900)

Control Section 3.60