LAO 2007-08 Budget Analysis: General Government TOC
Analysis of the 2007-08 Budget Bill
General Government Table of Contents

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Issue-By-Issue Table of Contents


Implementation of the Housing Bond

Tax Agency Information and Data Exchange

Governor’s Office (0500)

Office of the Chief Information Officer (0502)

Office of Emergency Services (0690)

Board of Equalization (0860)

Secretary of State (0890)

Department of Consumer Affairs (1110-1111)

Franchise Tax Board (1730)

Department of General Services (1760)

California State Teachers’ Retirement System (1920)

Department of Corporations (2180)

Housing and Community Development (2240)

Employment Development Department (7100)

Department of Finance (8860)

Commission on State Mandates (8885)

Military Department (8940)

Department of Veterans Affairs and Veterans’ Homes of California (8950-8967)

Health and Dental Benefits For Annuitants (9650)

Employee Compensation (9800)

Retirement Contributions (Control Section 3.60)

Midyear Budget Reductions (Control Sections 4.04 and 4.05)