LAO 2001-02 Budget Analysis: General Government Issue-by-Issue TOC Analysis of the 2001-02 Budget Bill
General Government Issue-By-Issue Contents


Spending by Major Program

Local Government Subventions

Tax Relief

Regulatory Activities

Tax Collection Programs

State Administrative Functions

State Retirement Programs

Employee Compensation

Crosscutting Issues

Energy-Related Proposals

Recent Legislation

Petroleum Violation Escrow Account


Current Status of PVEA

The Future of PVEA

State Data Centers

Data Center Study Needed

New Factors to Consider on Data Center Consolidation

Data Center Study

Departmental Issues

Department of Information Technology (0505)

Key Program Information Not Currently Available to the Legislature

Information Technology Hardware and Software Replacement Policy Is Needed

Post-Implementation Evaluation Reporting Process Deficient

Office of Planning and Research (0650)

Touch Screen Voting Pilot Program Not Justified

California Gambling Control Commission (0855)


Commission Responsibilities and Staffing Need Clarification.

Legislature Needs to Be Informed of the Status of Indian Gambling Activities.

Secretary of State (0890)

Business Program Computer Project Unauthorized

State Treasurer (0950)

Additional Funds Not Needed to Fill Vacant Positions

Modified Workload Does Not Justify More Staff

Department of Consumer Affairs (1110-1600)

Smog Check Update

Department of Fair Employment and Housing (1700)

Insufficient Justification of Increased Funding

Franchise Tax Board (1730)

California Child Support Automation System Project

Child Support Collection Program

The Household and Dependent Care Expense Credit

Department of General Services (1760)

Building Regulation Services

Positions in Division of State Architect (DSA) Should Be Reported in Budget

Provision for Loan to Support DSA Is Not Needed

Real Estate Services

Cost—and Cost of Living—Should Be Considered When Locating State Offices

Reagan Building Costs Should Be Deleted From Statewide Building Rental Rate

Asset Enhancement Consultant Services and General Fund Loan

Need to Eliminate Deferred Maintenance

Statewide Support Services

Report on State's Telecommunications Contract Not Received

State's 911 Surcharge May Be Too High

Special Funds Should Help Support eBusiness Center

Method for Funding California Enterprise Project Is Inequitable

Public Employees' Retirement System (1900)

Cost Allocation Plan Reveals High Overhead Costs

Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (2100)

The ABC Fund Condition

Department of Financial Institutions (2150)

Request to Relocate Sacramento Office Is Premature

Department of Corporations (2180)

State Corporations Fund Balance Very High

Housing and Community Development (2240)

Implementation of the 2000-01 Housing Package

Local Government Incentives

Homeownership Programs

Multifamily Housing Programs

Homeless Programs

Other Programs

New Housing Proposals

Payments to Local Governments Unlikely to Change Behavior

Infrastructure Program Not Targeted to Problem

Employee Housing Costs Should Not Be Paid Twice

California Housing Finance Agency (2260)

Eliminate Future Appropriations forSchool Facility Fee Reimbursements

Changes to School Facility Developer Fees

Single-Family Housing Programs

Multifamily Housing Program

Program Funding

Experience to Date

Concerns About the Programs

Recommend Eliminating Future Appropriations

Department of Managed Health Care (2400)

Financial Examinations Proposal

Stephen P. Teale Data Center (2780)

Permanent Positions Are Needed to Support Various Data Center Activities

Technology, Trade, and Commerce Agency (2920)

Vague Proposal for Consultant Funds for Military Base Retention and Reuse

Augmentation Proposed for the California Technology Investment Partnership (CalTIP) Program Lacks Specifics

Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission (3360)

Petroleum Violation Escrow Account

Energy-Related Proposals

Additional Resources for Siting Program

Long Term Energy Baseload Reduction Initiative

Energy Initiatives (3365)

General Fund Monies Set Aside For Energy-Related Programs

Health and Human Services Agency Data Center (4130)

System Management Services

Expenditure Authority for Additional Oversight Activities Is Unnecessary

Software Costs Absorbable Within Current Overhead Rate

Child Welfare Services/Case Management System Maintenance and Operations Issues

Risk Mitigation Plan Needed for Replacement of CWS/CMS Servers

Statewide Automated Welfare System (SAWS)


Need for SAWS Strategic Plan

The LEADER Has Significant Performance Problems

Interim SAWS Will Need to Operate for Another Five Years

Status of Other Projects

Electronic Benefits Transfer Should Submit Revised Proposal

California Arts Council (8260)

New Cultural Infrastructure Development Fund Poses Questions

Funding for Museum Exhibit Not Justified

Department of Industrial Relations (8350)

Budget Realignment

Staff Redirected From Garment Manufacturing Program

Workers' Safety Training Grant Program

Increased Employer Education

Amusement Ride Regulatory Process

Department of Personnel Administration (8380)

One-Time Current-Year Funds For Collective Bargaining Consultant Should Be Deleted

New Collective Bargaining Agreements to Be Negotiated

Department of Food and Agriculture (8570)

Comprehensive Statewide Strategic Plan Not Yet Available

The Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter Program


State-Level Responsibilities

County Level Responsibilities

Information Needed

Environmental Task Force Report

Headquarters Relocation Not Justified

Public Utilities Commission (8660)

Universal Service Telephone Programs


The PUC's Report

More Specific Programmatic Information Needed

Compliance With Recent Legislation

Other Issues

Monitoring of San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E)Electricity Purchases

Consultant Funds for Office of Ratepayer Advocates (ORA)

Electricity Oversight Board (8770)

Consultant Funds for Electricity Market Analysis

Department of Finance (8860)

Information Technology Innovation Grant Program Has Not Started

Departmental Funding Issues Continue

Military Department (8940)

Continue Cadet Corps Positions as Limited Term Until Evaluation is Complete

Oakland Military Institute Funds Available for Reappropriation

Turning Point Academy Overbudgeted

Department of Veterans Affairs and Veterans' Homes of California (8955-8966)

Serious Problems in Management and Operation Of the Veterans' Home in Barstow

Tax Relief (9100)

Vehicle License Fee Backfill

Recommend Accelerating Transition to Offsets

Local Government Financing (9210)

Provide Long-Term Improvements to Property Tax System

Funds Should Be Used Strategically for Reform

The COPS Program Expanded to Include Juvenile Justice Funding

Health and Dental Benefits for Annuitants (9650)

Budget-Year Costs Are Uncertain

Augmentation for Employee Compensation (9800)

Employee Pay/Benefit Increases

Strengthen Legislature's Collective Bargaining Oversight

Janitorial/Contract Services (9908)

Janitorial/Contract Services

Utilities Costs (9911)

Increased Department Costs for Natural Gas and Electricity

Control Section 3.60

State Contribution Rates to PERS Expected to Increase