LAO 2003-04 Budget Analysis: Resources Issue-By-Issue TOC Analysis of the 2003-04 Budget Bill
Resources Issue-By-Issue Contents


Expenditure Proposals and Trends

Spending by Major Program

Major Budget Changes

Crosscutting Issues

CALFED Bay-Delta Program

CALFED Created to Address Bay-Delta Water Problems

CALFED Governance Legislation Enacted Last Year

The Budget Proposal

Recommend Holding Joint Hearings

Federal Funding Highly Uncertain

Budget Proposes Greater Role for Bay-Delta Authority Than Envisioned in Governance Legislation

Legislative Oversight of Bond Funds for CALFED

Environmental Protection Indicators

Administration's Environmental Indicators Initiative

Should Be a Legislative Role in EPIC

Recommend Enactment of Legislation to Guide EPIC

Fund Conditions For Resources Programs

Resources Special Funds

Resources Bond Fund Conditions

Bond Issues for Legislative Consideration

Proposition 50 Water-Related Proposals Need Better Definition

Resource Assessments: improving effectiveness And creating Savings


Opportunities for Fee Cost Recovery And Efficiencies at Fish and Game

Increased Value Can Be Achieved From Forestry's Resource Assessment Efforts

Resource Secretary's Assessment Activities Can Be Reduced

Timber Harvest Fees

Oversight of Electricity Contract Settlement Funds

Coordinating State Agency Representation Before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Several State Agencies Represent the State Before FERC

FERC Representation Reasonable Given Current Organization of State's Energy Agencies

Future of State's FERC Representation Depends on State's Energy Agency Organization

Departmental Issues

Secretary for Resources (0540)

Funding for River Parkways and Sierra Nevada Programs Should Be Provided Through Legislation

Proposition 50 Statewide Administration Proposal

Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission (3360)

Rethinking Funding the CEC's Power Plant Siting Program

CEC's Power Plant Siting Program

CEC's Siting Fee Study

Siting Fees on Power Plant Developers and Generators Are Appropriate

Recommend Enactment of Fee Legislation

Department of Forestry And Fire Protection (3540)

Legislature Should Enact Fire Protection Fees

Recommend Rejection of Computer Aided Dispatch Proposal

Wildlife Conservation Board (3640)

Legislature Lacks Effective Oversight Over $1 Billion in Bond Expenditures

Colorado River Proposal Contrary to Bond And Implementing Legislation

Shift Habitat Conservation Fund Support From General Fund to Bond Funds

California Coastal Commission (3720)

Coastal Commission's Legal Status Is Uncertain

Department of Parks and Recreation (3790)

Reorganization Proposal Lacks Information

Historical and Cultural Grants Funding Should Be Consistent With Existing Statute

Recommend Deleting Funding for Statewide Acquisition Program

Concession and Operating Agreement Proposals

Department of Water Resources (3860)

Fee-Based Cost Recovery for Dam Safety Program

Funding for Desalination Projects Is Premature

Air Resources Board (3900)

Stationary Source Fee Proposal Lacks Detail, Should Go Further

Agriculture Exemption Could Cost State Transportation Funds

Department of Pesticide Regulation (3930)

Governor's Proposal to Increase Fee-Based Support

Recommend Different Mixture of Fees to Generate Proposed Revenue Increase

Governor's Fee Proposal Is Step in Right Direction, But Should Go Further

State Water Resources Control Board (3940)

Funding the SWRCB's Water Rights Program

The SWRCB's Water Rights Program

Increasing Fee-Based Support

Substantial Workload Backlog Exists

Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (3980)

Alternative Fund Sources for OEHHA Programs

Governor's Proposed Pesticide Review Shift Problematic

Alternative Fund Sources to Proposed General Fund Reductions

Alternative Fund Sources to Create Additional General Fund Savings