LAO 2005-06 Budget Analysis: Index of Information Technology Issues
Analysis of the 2005-06 Budget Bill
Index of Information Technology Issues

Child Support Services, Department of

California Child Support Automation System, C-197

Community Colleges,

California Partnership for Achieving Student Success, E-226

Corrections, Department of

Distributed Data Processing System, D-58

Inmate Medical Scheduling Tracking System, D-56

Education, Department of

Teacher Data Base, E-64

Employment Development Department, C-54

Health and Human Services Agency

Child Welfare Services/Case Management System, C-56

Electronic Benefit Transfer, C-53

In-Home Supportive Services/Case Management Payrolling System, C-53

Statewide Automated Welfare Systems, C-53

Statewide Fingerprint Imaging System, C-53

Unemployment Insurance Modernization Project, C-54

Welfare Data Tracking Implementation Project, C-53

Health Services, Department of

Evaluating the Administration's California Rx Proposal

Information Technology Projects, C-146

Medi-Cal Redesign, C-81

Secretary of State

Voter Registration Database, F-41

Social Services, Department of, C-52, C-56

System Integration, Office of, C-52