LAO 2006-07 Budget Analysis: Index of Information Technology Issues
Analysis of the 2006-07 Budget Bill
Index of Information Technology Issues

Developmental Services, Department of

California Developmental Disabilities Information System, C-156

Education, Department of

Digital Classroom, E-51

Migrant Student Information Network, E-154

Food and Agriculture, Department of

Emergency Preparedness Projects,

        "Part V" of The 2006-07 Budget: Perspectives and Issues

Health and Human Services Data Center, F-67

Health Services, Department of

Vital Records Computerization, C-136

Judicial Branch, Information Systems, D-21

Motor Vehicles, Department of

Vehicle Registration Suspension Program, A-60

Personnel Administration, Department of

Human Resources Web Site, F-81

Secretary of State,

Voter Registration Database, F-43

State Personnel Board

Human Resources Web Site, F-65