LAO 2007-08 Budget Analysis: Index by Department/Program Name
Analysis of the 2007-08 Budget Bill
Index by Department/Program Name

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Alcohol and Drug Programs (4200)

Board of Equalization (0860)

California Community Colleges (6870)

California Community Colleges, Student Fees (6870)

California Highway Patrol (2720)

California Postsecondary Education Commission (6420)

California State University (6610)

California State University, Higher Education Nursing Proposals (6610)

California State University, Making Budgeting Choices in Higher Education (6610)

California State University, Student Fees (6610)

California State University, UC and CSU Enrollment Growth and Funding (6610)

California State University, UC and CSU Outreach Programs (6610)

Chief Information Officer, Office of the (0502)

Child Support Services, Department of (5175)

Commission on State Mandates (8885)

Consumer Affairs, Department of (1110-1111)

Corporations, Department of (2180)

Corrections and Rehabilitation, Adult Corrections (5225)

Corrections and Rehabilitation, Department of (5225)

Corrections and Rehabilitation, Juvenile Justice (5225)

Corrections and Rehabilitation, Local Assistance Programs (5225)

Developmental Services (4300)

Education, A Proposition 98 Roadmap (6110)

Education, California Education Network (6110)

Education, Career Technical Education (6110)

Education, Child Care and Development (6110)

Education, English Learners (6110)

Education, Home-to-School Transportation (6110)

Education, K-12 Introduction (6110)

Education, Proposition 98 Priorities (6110)

Education, Proposition 98 Update (6110)

Education, Quality Education Investment Act (6110)

Education, Soledad Enrichment Action Charter School (6110)

Emergency Services, Office of (0690)

Employee Compensation (9800)

Employment Development Department (7100)

Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission (3360)

Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, Office of (3980)

Finance, Department of (8860)

Fish and Game, Department of (3600)

Forestry and Fire Protection, Department of (3540)

Franchise Tax Board (1730)

General Services, Department of (1760)

Governor’s Office (0500)

Health and Dental Benefits For Annuitants (9650)

Health Care Services, Medi-Cal (4260)

Health: Potential Fiscal Risks in the Governor’s Health Care Coverage Plan

Health: Promoting Health Information Technology in California

High-Speed Rail Authority (2665)

Housing and Community Development (2240)

Integrated Waste Management Board, California (3910)

Judicial Branch (0250)

Justice, Department of (0820)

Lands Commission, State (3560)

Mental Health, Department of (4440)

Midyear Budget Reductions Control Sections (4.04 and 4.05)

Military Department (8940)

Motor Vehicles, Department of (2740)

Parks and Recreation, Department of (3790)

Public Health, Department of (4265)

Public Utilities Commission (8660)

Rehabilitation, Department of (5160)

Retirement Contributions Control Section (3.60)

Secretary of State (0890)

Sierra Nevada Conservancy (3855)

Social Services, CalWORKS (5180)

Social Services, Child Welfare Services (5180)

Social Services, Community Care Licensing (5180)

Social Services, In-Home Supportive Services (5180)

Social Services, SSI/SSP (5180)

Student Aid Commission (7980)

Teachers’ Retirement System, California State (1920)

Transit Assistance, State (2640)

Transportation, Department of (2660)

University of California (6440)

University of California, Higher Education Nursing Proposals (6440)

University of California, Making Budgeting Choices in Higher Education (6440)

University of California, Student Fees (6440)

University of California, UC and CSU Enrollment Growth and Funding (6440)

University of California, UC and CSU Outreach Programs (6440)

Veterans Affairs and Veterans’ Homes of California, Department of (8950-8967)

Water Resources Control Board, State (3940)

Water Resources, Department of (3860)