1959-60 Analysis of the Budget Bill

Transmittal (PDF)

Economies and Efficiencies (PDF)

Legislative Branch (PDF)

Judicial Branch (PDF)

Executive Branch (PDF)

General Administration (PDF)

Agriculture (PDF)

Corrections (PDF)

Education (PDF)

Fiscal Affairs (PDF)

Highway Patrol (PDF)

Industrial Relations (PDF)

Department of Justice (PDF)

Mental Hygiene (PDF)

Military Department (PDF)

Motor Vehicles (PDF)

Natural Resources (PDF)

Public Health (PDF)

Public Works (PDF)

Regulation and Licensing (PDF)

Social Welfare (PDF)

Veterans Affairs (PDF)

Water Resources (PDF)

Miscellaneous (PDF)

Provision for Salary Increases (PDF)

Emergency Fund (PDF)

Capital Outlay (PDF)

Local Assistance (PDF)

Employment (PDF)

Control Sections (PDF)

Index (PDF)