LAO Analysis of the 2012-13 Budget: Acrobat Files
The 2012-13 Budget
  In Acrobat Format

Overview of the Governor's Budget

Economic and Revenue Update

K-12 Education

Proposition 98 Education Analysis

The Governor's CalWORKs and Child Care Proposals

Proposition 98 Maintenance Factor: An Analysis of the Governor's Treatment

Handout: Restructuring the K-12 Funding System

Handout: Governor’s K-12 Mandates Proposal

Handout: Overview of Child Care and Development Budget

Handout: Overview of Proposition 98 Budget

Higher Education

Analysis of the Governor's Higher Education Proposal

Judicial and Criminal Justice

Completing Juvenile Justice Realignment

The 2011 Realignment of Adult Offenders--An Update

Refocusing CDCR After the 2011 Realignment

Managing Ongoing Reductions to the Judicial Branch

State Should Consider Less Costly Alternatives to CDCR Blueprint

Handout: Governor’s Proposed Budget Augmentation for Inmate Pharmaceuticals

Environment and Natural Resources

Cap–and–Trade Auction Revenues

Strategies to Maintain California's Park System

General Government

Unwinding Redevelopment

Handout: Local Economic Development Tools (2/22/12)

Handout: Local Economic Development Tools (3/7/12)

Handout: Non-Education Mandates and the 2012-13 State Budget (3/13/12)


Integrating Care for Seniors and Persons With Disabilities

Analysis of the Governor's Healthy Families Program Proposal

Oversight and Accountability at State Hospitals

Developmental Services Budget Update

Handout: Governor's Proposed Community Mental Health Program Shift

Handout: Governor's Proposed Alcohol and Drug Program Shift

Handout: Analysis of the Governor's CalWORKs Proposal

Handout: Recent History of Adult Day Health Care and Transition of Seniors and Persons With Disabilities Into Managed Care

Handout: LAO Assessment of the Governor's Care Coordination Initiative

Social Services

The Governor's CalWORKs and Child Care Proposals

In-Home Supportive Services Budget Update

Evaluating FI$Cal

Handout: Overview of Unemployment Insurance and the Governor's Related Budget Proposals

Handout: Evaluating FI$Cal-The Financial Information System for California


Improving Customer Service Efficiency at the DMV

Funding Requests for High-Speed Rail