LAO 2001-02 Budget Analysis: Index of Information Technology Issues Analysis of the 2001-02 Budget Bill
Index of Information Technology Issues


"E-Government" in California

State Data Centers

California State University

Education Technology Training for Teachers

Child Support Services, Department of

Child Support Automation Activities Positions

Child Support Automation Proposal

Pre-Statewide Interim Systems Management (PRISM)

Education, Department of

Academic Performance Index Database

California School Information Services

High Tech High Schools

Internet 2 for K-12 Education

Finance, Department of

Information Technology Innovation Fund

Forestry, Department of

Computer Aided Dispatch

Franchise Tax Board

California Child Support Automation System

Child Support Collections

General Services, Department of

California Enterprise Project

eBusiness Center

Health and Human Services Data Center

Child Welfare Services/Case Management System

Electronic Benefits Transfer

Interim Statewide Automated Welfare System

Los Angeles Eligibility Automated Determination, Eligibility and Report

Statewide Automated Welfare System Strategic Plan

Health and Social Services

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

Industrial Relations, Department of

Web Development for Employer Outreach

Information Technology, Department of

Motor Vehicles, Department of

Fraud Prevention and Biometrics

Computer Terminal Replacement

Planning and Research, Office of

Touch Screen Voting

Secretary of State

Business Process Automation

Social Services, Department of

Child Welfare Services/Case Management System Strategic Plan

eGovernment Plan

Stephen P. Teale Data Center

Data Center Activities

Transportation, Department of

Assessment of Information Technology

Advanced Traffic Management System

Development Lacked Coordination

Clear Definition of IT Needed

Statewide Strategy for Traffic Information Systems Needed

Automated Toll Collection and Accounting System

Performance Monitoring System

Wide Area Network Infrastructure Project

University of California

Internet 2