LAO 2002-03 Budget Analysis: Transportation Issue-By-Issue Analysis of the 2002-03 Budget Bill
Transportation Issue-By-Issue Contents


Expenditure Proposal and Trends

Spending by Major Program

Major Budget Changes

Crosscutting Issues

Condition of Transportation Funds

Transportation Loan Proposal

Substantial Transportation Funds to Be Loaned to the General Fund

Balance of TCRF Likely Higher; SHA Loan Needed May Be Smaller

Expenditure Projection for SHA Is Optimistic; Fund Balance Likely to Remain Much Higher

Toll Bridge Seismic Retrofit

Funding Augmented, But Potential for Further Cost Overruns Remains

Public Transportation Account (PTA)

Budget Projects Substantially Less PTA Funds

Tax Regulation to Reduce PTA Revenues Further; Account Faces Shortfall

The PTA Faces Funding Pressure Until 2007-08

Motor Vehicle Account Condition

MVA Faces Deficit in Budget Year Without Corrective Actions

Proposed MVA Use Raises Important Issues

Ongoing Protective Services Should Be Funded With Mix of Funds

Enhanced Security Antiterrorism Programs

Budget Proposal

State Role and Responsibilities Need Clear Definition

Level of Federal Funding Remains in Doubt

Expenditure Priorities Needed for Additional Federal Funds; Legislative Review Should Be Provided

State Should Develop Long-Term Funding Plan For Protective Services

Departmental Issues

Department of Transportation (2660)

Highway Transportation

Budget Proposes Major Increase in Highway Program Expenditures

Low Capital Outlay Expenditures Signal Project Delay

Capital Outlay Support Request Will Be Amended

Information Technology Integration Plan Has Merit; Funding for Projects Is Premature

Stormwater Management Cost Not All Justified

Ongoing Stormwater Management Costs Need Workload Justification

Fleet Greening Proposal Too Ambitious

Encroachment Permit Fees Do Not Cover Costs

Project Delivery

Caltrans Project Delivery Mixed

Seismic Retrofit of Toll Bridges Delayed; Retrofit of Other Bridges Almost Complete

Completion of STIP Environmental Documents Has Improved, But SHOPP Completion Rate Has Declined

Limited Use of Private Contracting for Project Delivery; Funds Redirected to Other Uses

Intercity Rail Program

Costs for Existing Intercity Rail Service Will Be Updated