LAO 2004-05 Budget Analysis: Resources Issue-By-Issue TOC Analysis of the 2004-05 Budget Bill
Resources Issue-By-Issue Contents


Expenditure Proposals and Trends

Spending by Major Program

Major Budget Changes

Crosscutting Issues

CALFED Bay-Delta Program: At a Funding Crossroads

CALFED's Funding History

CALFED Created to Address Bay-Delta Water Problems

Legislative and Other Direction Guiding CALFED Financing

State Funds Have Contributed Most to CALFED

CALFED's Funding Future: An Enormous Gap to Be Filled

The Budget Proposal

The Future: A Recommended Funding Framework for CALFED

Statutory Adoption of the Beneficiary Pays Principle

Enact a User Fee on Bay-Delta Water Diverters

Reevaluate Existing Statutory Cost-Sharing Provisions

Establish Financial Planning Requirements for CBDA

Resources Bonds

Resources Bond Fund Conditions

Governor's Resources Bond Expenditure Proposal

Issues to Consider When Evaluating Bond Proposals

Substantial Prior Bond Fund Appropriations Remain Unexpended

State Land Acquisition Activities Should Be Coordinated

Additional Issues for Legislative Consideration

Timber Harvest Fee Proposal Should Go Further

Departmental Issues

Secretary for Resources (0540)

Withhold Recommendation on Support Budget Pending Receipt of Restructuring Plan

Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (3540)

Fire Protection Fees Should Go Further

Minimal Revenues Projected for the Forest Resources Improvement Fund

Department of Fish and Game (3600)

Federal Funds for Fisheries Restoration Require State Match

California Coastal Commission (3720)

Stable Funding Source Needed for Commission's Permitting Functions

Department of Parks and Recreation (3790)

Governor's Fee Proposal

Evaluating the Potential for Increased Private Sector Partnership in State Park Services

Concession and Operating Agreement Proposals

San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (3820)

Recommend Revised Fee Structure, Creating General Fund Savings

Delta Protection Commission (3840)

The Future of the Commission

Creation, Program Responsibilities, and Budget of the Commission

The Commission's Current Roles, Focus, and Benefits

Recommendations and Issues for Legislative Consideration

Department of Water Resources (3860)

State's Approach to Flood Management Should Be More Strategic

Responsibilities and Funding for Flood Management

Risk of Flood-Related Losses Increasing But State's Efforts Reduced

State's Flood Management Expenditures Should Be More Strategic

State's Ability to Recover Maintenance Costs From Locals Needs Improvement

Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (3980)

More Stability Needed in OEHHA's Funding Base

California Public Utilities Commission (8660)

The California Teleconnect Fund Program

Increasing Access to Telecommunication Services

Budget Proposal Contrary to Legislative Direction

Changes Have Improved Teleconnect Fund Program

Teleconnect Fund Program Does Not Maximize Available Federal Funds

Teleconnect Fund Program Could Be More Effective If Discounts Were Targeted

Program Funding Parameters Needed To Ensure Legislative Oversight

California Consumer Power and Conservation Financing Authority (8665)

Potential Role of California Power Authority

Budget Proposes Elimination of Authority

Adequacy of Long-Term Energy Supply Remains Uncertain

Elimination of Some of CPA's Functions Premature