LAO 2006-07 Budget Analysis: Resources TOC Analysis of the 2006-07 Budget Bill
Resources Issue-By-Issue Contents


Expenditure Proposals and Trends

Spending by Major Program

Major Budget Changes

Crosscutting Issues

Reforming the CALFED Bay-Delta Program


Legislative Concerns and the Governor’s Commitment To Improve CALFED

Governor’s Budget Proposal: Business as Usual for Now

CALFED Under the Audit Microscope

Reforming CALFED: Where Do We Go From Here?

Resources Bonds

Resources Bond Fund Conditions

Over $9 Billion in New Resources-Related Bonds Proposed

Bond Issues for Legislative Consideration

Retaining Legislative Oversight of Bond Expenditures

Funding Eligibility of Private Entities

Ensuring Administrative Costs Are Reasonable

Coordinating Bond Measures With Existing Programs

Governor’s Climate Change Initiative

Governor’s GHG Reduction Targets

Efforts Underway to Curb GHG Emissions

Legislature Needs to Set Overall Policy Direction

Departmental Issues

Department of Conservation (3480)

Addressing the Swelling Recycling Fund Balance

Forestry and Fire Protection (3540)

Employee Compensation Increasing Again


Employee Compensation Costs Overbudgeted

Staffing Changes Should Support State Responsibilities

Future Compensation Agreements Merit Legislative Direction

Proposed Solution to Capital Outlay Project Delay Is Inefficient

State Lands Commission (3560)

No Progress in Commission’s Management of School Land Bank Fund

Department of Fish and Game (3600)

Fiscal Problems Abound at Fish and Game

FGPF Proposal: Overall Problems Persist

AB 7 Proposal Lacks Implementation Plan

Technical Budgeting Issues

Improving Legislature’s Oversight of DFG

Details of Proposed Department Restructuring Unknown

Department of Parks and Recreation (3790)

Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Grant Program off Track

Concession and Operating Agreement Proposals

Sierra Nevada Conservancy (3855)

Conservancy Failed to Report Expenditure Requirements to Legislature

Department of Water Resources (3860)

Addressing the State’s Flood Management Problems

Air Resources Board (3900)

Additional Funding for Hydrogen Highway Premature

Goods Movement Proposal Needs Refinement to Prevent Misuse of Motor Vehicle Funds

California Integrated Waste Management Board (3910)

Funding Proposal for Environmental Education Fails to Follow Legislative Direction

State Water Resources Control Board (3940)

Low Compliance in Agricultural Regulatory Program

Public Utilities Commission (8660)

Funding for Telecommunications Consumer Bill of Rights Premature

Increasing Participation in California Teleconnect Fund Program