LAO 2006-07 Budget Analysis: Judicial/Criminal Justice Issue-By-Issue TOC Analysis of the 2006-07 Budget Bill
Judicial/Criminal Justice Issue-By-Issue Contents


Expenditure Proposal and Trends

Spending by Major Program

Major Budget Changes

Departmental Issues

Judicial Branch (0250)

Automatic Spending for Entire Budget Not Justified


What Is SAL?

Governor’s Proposal Expands Application of SAL

No Clear Policy Rationale for Expansion of SAL to Judiciary

Automatic Spending Is Not Good Fiscal Policy

Information Systems Request Not Justified

Department of Justice (0820)

Several Requests Lack Adequate Justification

Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (5225)

Budget Overview

Budget Proposal

Current-Year Deficiency

Adult Corrections

Who Is in Prison?

Inmate and Parole Population Management Issues

Inmate Population Projected to Increase

Caseload Will Likely Require Further Adjustment

Correctional Programs

Recidivism Reduction Proposal Requires Modification

Governor Proposes to Put the “R” in CDCR

Proposal Could Make Sense, but Is Incomplete and Too Ambitious

Operations Policies and Practices Limit Reach of Proposal

Modify Proposal to Reflect More Realistic Implementation

Adopt Policies and Practices That Facilitate Program Delivery

Correctional Health Care

Expanding Telemedicine Program Could Reduce Costs and Improve Health Care

Administration Agrees to Costly Inmate Dental Plan

Health Care Vacancies Raise Concerns; Cost the State

Correctional Administration

Custody Assistants Would Reduce State Costs and Improve Operations

Various Proposals Need Modification

Budgeting for Lifer Parole Hearings Requires Modification

Department Should Report on Progress of the Reorganization

Department Has Not Provided Reports to Legislature

Juvenile Justice

Who Is in the Division of Juvenile Justice?

Population Issues

Juvenile Offender Population Continues to Decline; Projections Will Be Updated in May

Safety and Welfare Remedial Plan Not Final

Request for Funding to Implement Health Care Remedial Plan Is Premature