LAO 2007-08 Budget Analysis: Resources TOC Analysis of the 2007-08 Budget Bill
Resources Issue-By-Issue Contents


Expenditure Proposals and Trends

Spending by Major Program

Major Budget Changes

Crosscutting Issues

Resources Bonds

Pre-2006 Resources Bonds

Major Provisions of Propositions 1E and 84

Governor’s Budget Proposal for Propositions 1E and 84

Propositions 1E and 84 Implementation: Issues for Legislative Consideration

Funding Eligibility

State-Local Cost Sharing

Federal Funding

Streamlining Measures



Oversight Measures


$4 Billion Water Management Bond Proposed for 2008

CALFED Bay-Delta Program


CALFED Reorganized in 2006

CALFED Financing: Still No Progress on Implementing “Beneficiary Pays”

Performance Measures

Governor’s Budget Proposal

Issues for Legislative Consideration

South Delta Improvements Program Proposal Premature

CALFED Surface Storage Proposals Need Matching Funds

Budget Relies on Bond Funds to Continue Planning Effort That Benefits Delta Water Exporters

Implementation of “AB 32”—Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006

California a Significant Emitter of Gases Contributing to Climate Change

The Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB 32)

Governor’s Budget Proposal

Secretary’s Proposal Goes Beyond Coordination

CPUC Funding Proposal Premature and Contrary to Legislative Direction

Market-Based Measures Should Be Carefully Considered Prior to Their Inclusion in Climate Change Regulations

Funding for Budget Proposal Unsustainable

Funding the San Joaquin River Restoration Settlement

Elimination of Energy-Related Agencies

Budget Proposes to Eliminate Energy Agencies

Current Energy Agency Organization

Elimination of CPA Warranted

Proposal to Eliminate EOB Raises Issues

Departmental Issues

Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission (3360)

Proposed Use of Williams Energy Settlement Funds Contrary to Legislative Intent

Improving Renewable Energy Program Effectiveness

Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (3540)

State’s Wildland Firefighting Costs Continue to Escalate

Legislature Should Limit Expansion of Department’s Capital Outlay Project Management

Energy Commission Should Direct Public Funding Support for Energy Development Projects

State Lands Commission (3560)

Again No Progress in Commission’s Management of School Land Bank Fund

Department of Fish and Game (3600)

Department’s Fiscal Management Improving; Budget Transparency Still Needs Work

One-Time Funds for Marine Life Management Inadvertently Remain in Budget

Department of Parks and Recreation (3790)

Budget Fails to Address State Parks Deferred Maintenance Backlog

Growing Deferred Maintenance Problem

Past Funding for Deferred Maintenance Projects

Budget Proposal

Proposition 84 as a Potential Funding Source

Recommendations for Addressing Deferred and Ongoing Maintenance

Administration of Bond Funds for Local Parks Should Be Consolidated

State Parks and Recreation Fund Reserve Depleted

Concession and Operating Agreement Proposals

Sierra Nevada Conservancy (3855)

Conservancy Has Yet to Develop Guidelines for New Grant Program

Department of Water Resources (3860)

Flood Management Issues

New Bonds Provide Influx of Funding to Department

Funding History and Budget Proposal

Priorities and Oversight Needed for Capital Outlay Projects

AB 142 Spending Needs Scrutiny; Opportunity for General Fund Savings

State Water Project Should Be Brought “On Budget”

California Integrated Waste Management Board (3910)

Waste Tire Diversion Rates Need Improvement

State Water Resources Control Board (3940)

Information Technology (IT) at the Water Boards: An Assessment

IT Strategic Plan Needs Update; Legislative Oversight Critical

Scope Change of IT Project Leads to Data Entry Backlog at Regional Boards

Legislature Should Be Apprised of External Review Findings

Water Rights Fee Funding Uncertain

Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (3980)

Public Health Goals and Drinking Water Regulation

Background: Safe Drinking Water Regulation

Recommend Shift to Fee-Based Funding

OEHHA Lags Statutory Timelines for PHG Activity

Public Utilities Commission (8660)

Administratively Created New Programs Raise Multiple Concerns

High Fund Balance in Universal Service Telephone Program Fund Allows for Ratepayer Relief

Climate Change Proposal Contrary to Legislative Direction