Summary of LAO Findings and Recommendations on the 2013-14 Budget

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See Detail  Department of Motor Vehicles Information Technology Modernization (ITM) Project We raise a number of issues for legislative consideration regarding the terminated ITM Project. 4-02-13
See Detail  Department of Insurance Positions to implement the California Health Benefit Exchange Reconsider request during the May Revise, rather than at this time. There will likely be more information on both the number carriers under CDI's authority and the level of funding from the Exchange to CDI for these activities. 3-01-13
See Detail  Department of Insurance Actuary reviews of health insurance rate filings Provide $1.2 million to extend nine limited-term positions related to actuary reviews of health insurance rate filings for another two years, rather than make the positions permanent as proposed by the Governor. The number of actuary reviews may change after 2013-14 and it is possible that federal funds may be available to support some of the workload. 3-01-13
See Detail  Department of Transportation Active Transportation Program Modify the Governor's January budget proposal to consolidate four existing programs at Caltrans into a new program focused on active transportation. Specifically, require the new program to fund larger projects and exclude non-active transportation projects. Also have the California Transportation Commission report on the level of resources it will need to administer the new program. 2-25-13
See Detail  Department of Transportation Proposition 1B capital outlay appropriations Require Caltrans to revise its request for Proposition 1B appropriations in the spring to account for prior appropriations that will be available for projects in 2013-14. 2-25-13
See Detail  Department of Transportation Project Initiation Documents (PIDs) Modify Governor's budget proposal to provide a net increase of $9 million and 19 positions for the PID program. Specifically, (1) reduce the proposal by $2.9 million and 21 positions to more accurately account for savings from using more streamlined PIDs and (2) require Caltrans to report at budget hearings on its management of the program and the amount that will be reimbursed by local agencies. 2-25-13
See Detail  California Highway Patrol (CHP) Replacement of CHP area offices Withhold recommendation on the Governor’s January budget proposal to provide $1.5 million from the Motor Vehicle Account to CHP for advanced planning to replace five area offices that will be financed with the direct capital outlay procurement method. The CHP should first identify which five area offices will be replaced and why those facilities are most in need of replacement. 2-22-13
See Detail  High-Speed Rail Authority Project management oversight services Approve funding for external professional services, but reject budget bill language that would allow the High Speed Rail Authority to administratively establish an unspecified number of additional permanent positions. This language would not allow for appropriate legislative oversight of the establishment of new permanent state positions. 2-22-13
See Detail  High-Speed Rail Authority Financial consulting services Reduce funding for financial services by $1.25 million in Proposition 1A bond funds because some of the identified tasks would be more appropriate for, and less costly if performed by, existing state staff. 2-22-13
See Detail  Department of General Services Support High-Speed Rail Authority with property acquisition. Modify this request to provide the additional positions and reimbursement authority on a two-year limited-term basis, rather than on a permanent basis. 2-21-13