Summary of LAO Findings and Recommendations on the 2012-13 Budget

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See Detail  Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Governor's blueprint for CDCR reorganization Consider less costly alternatives to the Governor's May Revision proposal to reorganize the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. We find that the state could meet its facility requirements and specified population cap targets at much lower General Fund costs than proposed by the administration, potenitally saving the state as much as a billion dollars over a seven year period. 5-18-12
See Detail  Commission on State Mandates Newly Identified Mandate: Crime Statistics Reports for the Department of Justice (DOJ) Modify Governor's proposed trailer bill language that would delete sections of the law related to various criminal justice reporting requirements in order to eliminate some newly identified mandates. Instead, we recommend various changes that would repeal only the most expensive requirements while maintaining other provisions that are less costly and linked to the receipt of federal funds. 5-02-12
See Detail  Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Funding for Clark v. California compliance monitoring and training Reduce the Governor’s proposed augmentation by $1.8 million and 12 positions because the department could use existing unfilled positions to conduct Clark compliance reviews. 4-18-12
See Detail  Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Personnel Specialist staffing ratios Reduce CDCRs funding for Personnel Specialists I (PSI) and Personnel Specialist Supervisors (PSS) by $13.1 million in the budget year. This adjustment would provide CDCR with PSI positions on a 300 to 1 ratio and PSS positions on a 5 to 1 ratio, both of which are more consistent with other large state departments. 4-17-12
See Detail  Department of Justice Legal services funding adjustment Approve Governor's January proposal to augment DOJ's budget by $600,000 from the Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund. Delay by one year the proposed $1.9 million increase in DOJ's General Fund appropriation for legal services, allowing the Legal Services Revolving Fund to continue to absorb these costs as a one-time budget solution. 4-16-12
See Detail  Department of Justice Division of Law Enforcement Approve Governor's January budget proposal for partial restoration of the Division of Law Enforcement. Shift the existing $2 million General Fund appropriation for the Special Investigations Team to the Legal Services Revolving Fund. 4-16-12
See Detail  Judiciary Ongoing reductions to the judicial branch budget and proposed increase of civil fees Reject the Governor's January budget proposal for budget bill language providing full authority to Judicial Council to allocate $350 million in reductions to branch. Adopt specific actions to acheive ongoing savings, including the approval of the Governor's proposed increase of civil fees. Require the judicial branch to submit a report on potential operational efficiencies. 4-13-12
See Detail  Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Small management yards Reject Governor's January request for $60,000 in general obligation bond funds for the development of preliminary plans and working drawings for 50 small managment yards at California Correctional Institution. The project will have significant General Fund costs for construction without clear offsetting benefits, and new gang management policies may reduce the long-term need for these facilities. 3-28-12
See Detail  California Specialized Training Institute (CSTI) Relocation of the California Specialized Training Institute (CSTI) Withhold action on Governor's January budget proposal to relocate CSTI and transfer some training responsibility to local authorities. Direct CalEMA to report at budget hearings on (1) a detailed implementation plan, (2) an estimate of the costs of relocating CSTI, and (3) all conditions local authorities would be required to meet in order to provide the training. 3-07-12
See Detail  Office of the Inspector General Reorganization of the Office of the Inspector General Adjust Governor's January budget proposal to reduce funding for OIG because the administration’s proposal to remove positions from OIG reduces the associated funding based on the minimum salary step, rather than the mid step salary. Accordingly, we recommend a further reduction of $496,000 in the current year and $665,000 in the budget year. 2-24-12
See Detail  Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Refocusing CDCR after the 2011 realignment. Recommends a number of actions designed to ensure compliance with the federal court order to reduce prison overcrowding, as well as better align CDCR’s facilities, health care system, and rehabilitation programs with the state inmate and parole populations remaining following the 2011 realignment. 2-24-12
See Detail  Crosscutting Update on 2011 realignment of adult offenders Make several changes to promote the long-term success of the 2011 realignment of adult offenders. These are (1) creating a reserve fund for revenue growth, (2) designing an allocation formula to be responsive to future changes, (3) rejecting a budget request for additonal funding for county planning, and (4) utilizing a new state board to assist counties with their realignment responsibilities. 2-22-12
See Detail  Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) Juvenile justice realignment Approve the Governor's proposal to complete the realignment of juvenile justice to counties, as well as adopt additional changes designed to achieve a smooth transition and better fiscal and programmatic outcomes. 2-15-12
See Detail  Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Additional funding for inmate pharmaceuticals Reduce the proposed General Fund augmentation by $20 million to an augmentation of $39.9 million in 2012-13 and $31.2 million in 2013-14 to account for additional efficiencies we believe could be achieved from better inventory management and reduced use of non-formulary drugs. Approve this augmentation for two years only so that the need for ongoing funding in future years can be reevaluated. 2-09-12