Summary of LAO Findings and Recommendations on the 2012-13 Budget

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See Detail  California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board (CUIAB) Restructuring of Second-Level Appeals Modify the Governor's proposal to restructure second-level appeals by maintaining the current board structure while reducing Board membership from seven to five and modifying Board member qualifications, for annual savings of $430,000 ($215,000 in BY). Also, eliminate four vacant positions within the CUIAB in recognition of declining workload, for annual savings of $710,000 ($354,000 in BY). 5-01-12
See Detail  In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) IHSS Budget Update Provides an overview of the implementation status of the major changes to the IHSS program between 2009-10 and 2011-12 to achieve General Fund savings. Provides comments on the Governor's 2012-13 proposal to eliminate domestic and related care services for most IHSS recipients who live with another person. Finally, provides alternatives to the Governor's proposal to achieve General Fund savings 3-13-12
See Detail  Employment Development Department Unemployment Insurance Fund Insolvency Adopt a comprehensive long-term solvency plan that potentially incorporates the Governor's proposals to establish an employer surcharge to cover future interest payments on the federal loan to the Unemployment Insurance (UI) fund and increase monetary eligibility requirements for UI benefits. 3-06-12
See Detail  Department of Social Services (DSS) Redesign of the CalWORKs Administrative Structure Reject the Governor's proposal divide CalWORKs into two subprograms and create a Child Maintenance program. Instead, evaluate the Governor's proposals to reduce cash assistance and tighten eligibility and work requirements within the context of the current CalWORKs administrative structure. 2-22-12
See Detail  Department of Social Services (DSS) CalWORKs Budget Reductions Adopt CalWORKs budget package based on legislative priorities and magnitude of savings sought. Options include: reducing cash grants, shortening adult time limit, eliminating Cal-Learn, eliminating higher work-exempt cash grants, reducing county single allocation funding, reducing the earned income disregard, increasing severity of sanctions, and decreasing cash grants after long periods of aid. 2-22-12
See Detail  Department of Social Services (DSS) Work Incentive Nutritional Supplement (WINS) Modify the Governor's proposal to expand WINS that would increase ongoing annual costs by $53 million. The modified proposal, which save as much as $100 million annually relative to the Governor, would reduce the WINS and WINS Plus monthly benefit to $10 and require application for WINS and WINS Plus as a condition of eligibility for CalFresh and subsidized child care. 2-22-12