August 2017 Cap-and-Trade Auction Results August 23, 2017

We discuss the results of the August 2017 cap-and-trade auction.

May 2017 Cap-and-Trade Auction Results May 24, 2017

The Air Resources Board released a summary of the results of the May 2017 cap-and-trade auction.

February 2017 Cap-and-Trade Auction Results March 1, 2017

The state will likely generate only about $8 million in revenue from the auction.

November Cap-and-Trade Auction Results December 1, 2016

We discuss the results of the November 15, 2016 cap-and-trade auction.

August Cap-and-Trade Auction Results August 23, 2016

We discuss the August 2016 cap-and-trade auction results.

May 2016 Cap-and-Trade Auction Update May 26, 2016

The state received substantially less revenue from the May 17, 2016 cap-and-trade auction, compared to prior auctions.

Cap-and-Trade: November Auction Results December 11, 2015

We discuss recent data concerning November cap-and-trade auction results.

Cap-and-Trade: August Auction Results August 25, 2015

The state released summary results of the cap-and-trade auction conducted on August 18, 2015.

Cap-and-Trade May Auction Results May 28, 2015

The California Air Resources Board released summary results for the cap-and-trade auction conducted on May 21, 2015.

May Revision: Cap-and-Trade Revenue May 18, 2015

The Governor's May Revision to his 2015-16 budget proposal increases estimates of cap-and-trade auction revenue.

Cap-and-Trade Revenue: Likely Much Higher Than Governor's Budget Assumes February 26, 2015

We discuss the February 18, 2015 cap-and-trade auction.