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A.G. File No. 2017-055 February 5
Taxation of commercial property.
This measure requires most commercial and industrial properties to be taxed based on their market value, as opposed to their purchase price. (Amendment #1)
A.G. File No. 2017-054 February 5
Child custody and juvenile dependency.
This measure authorizes individuals to seek jury trials in child custody hearings and juvenile dependency jurisdictional hearings.
A.G. File No. 2017-053 January 30
California’s “top two” primary election system.
This measure amends the State Constitution to change the top two primary to a top four primary instead. For state officers and Members of the U.S. Congress, the four candidates with the highest number of primary votes—regardless of their party preferences—would advance to compete in the general election.
A.G. File No. 2017-052 January 23
The use of various chemicals, pesticides, and vaccines, as well as other activities in California.
This measure proposes to limit or ban the use of many materials, chemicals, activities, and procedures commonly used in California agriculture, consumer products, health care, and commercial industries. (Amendment No.1)
A.G. File No. 2017-051 January 11
Local government taxes and fees.
This measure amends the State Constitution to change the rules for how local governments can impose taxes, fees, and other charges. (Amendment No. 1)
A.G. File No. 2017-050 January 11
State and local government taxes and fees.
This measure amends the State Constitution to change the rules for how the state and local governments can impose taxes, fees, and other charges. (Amendment #1)
A.G. File No. 2017-049 January 11
Environmental hazards in homes and public facilities.
This measure authorizes state general obligation bonds to fund the remediation of environmental and structural hazards in homes, schools, and senior facilities. It also declares that lead-based paint in or on housing is not a public nuisance. (Amendment #1)
A.G. File No. 2017-048 January 5
Health insurer financial reserves.
This measure prohibits health insurers from increasing rates on certain policies if the insurer has reserves equal to or above a specified cap. (Amendment #1)
A.G. File No. 2017-047 January 3
Funding for California’s health care safety net.
This initiative would amend the State Constitution to impose an additional 1 percent rate on the portion of a filer’s income over $1 million starting in tax year 2019, with the funding provided by the new revenues allocated to safety net hospitals, community health clinics, and health care workforce development and training projects. (Amendment #1)
A.G. File No. 2017-046 January 2
Felony sentencing.
This measure amends state law to (1) reduce the number of felonies that are considered violent and serious; (2) limit eligibility for a third strike sentence; (3) require resentencing of some third strikers; and (4) require that any state savings resulting from its provisions be spent on education, prison inmate rehabilitation, and youth crime prevention. (Amendment No. 1)
A.G. File No. 2017-045 January 2
General obligation bonds to provide funding for certain hospitals that treat children.
This measure authorizes the state to sell $1.5 billion in general obligation bonds for capital improvement projects at the 13 children’s hospitals as well as other public or private nonprofit hospitals that provide services for children eligible for the California Children’s Services program.
A.G. File No. 2017-044 December 21
Criminal penalties and DNA collection.
This measure amends state law to (1) increase penalties for certain theft-related crimes, (2) change the existing nonviolent offender release consideration process, (3) change community supervision practices, and (4) require DNA collection from adults convicted of certain misdemeanors. (Amendment No. 1)
A.G. File No. 2017-043 December 14
Emergency medical personnel. (Amendment No. 1)
This measure makes various changes to state laws that affect private-sector emergency medical technicians and paramedics. (Amendment #1)
A.G. File No. 2017-042 December 14
Impose new standards for confining certain farm animals. (Amendment No. 1)
This measure phases in new requirements over the next several years that increase the minimum size of restrictive enclosures used by California farmers to confine egg-laying hens, breeding pigs, and calves raised for veal. In addition, the measure prohibits businesses in California from buying or selling liquid eggs, pork, and veal that were produced from animals confined in more restrictive enclosures that would not comply with the measure’s requirements. (Amendment No. 1)
A.G. File No. 2017-041 December 12
Rent control.
This measure repeals Costa-Hawkins.