July 2018

K-12 Education

$5.8 Billion in New Proposition 98 Spending for K-12 Education

2016-17 Through 2018-19 (In Millions)

Local Control Funding Formula $3,666
Career Technical Education Incentive Grants 150
Cost-of-living adjustment for select categorical programsa 114
County and regional support for low-performing districts 68
Charter School Facility Grant Program 25
California Collaborative for Educational Excellence 12
Online educational resources 1
Additional support for districts in fiscal distress 1
District reimbursements related to teacher dismissalsb 0
Subtotal ($4,036)
One Time  
Discretionary grants $1,091
Supplemental grants to support certain low-performing studentsc 300
Teacher residency programs 75
Grants for addressing special education teacher shortages 50
Matching support for classified employees during summer 50
Professional development for classified employees 45
Computer-based ELPAC 21
Charter School Facility Grant Program 21
After-school instruction in computer coding 15
School climate initiative 15
Grants to support community engagement 13
California School Information Services 7
Alternative ELPAC for students with disabilities 6
California Collaborative for Educational Excellence 6
Southern California Regional Occupational Center 3
Suicide-prevention training 2
Backfill for fire-related property tax decline in basic aid districts 1
California-Grown School Meals Program 1
Additional materials for genocide awareness education 1
Otherd 1
Subtotal ($1,723)
Total $5,760
Note: Updated September 17, 2018 to reflect budget actions adopted as part of Chapter 426 of 2018 (AB 1840, Committee on Budget).
a Applies to special education, child nutrition, mandates block grant, services for foster youth, adults in correctional facilities, and American Indian education. Rate is 2.71 percent.
b Budget provides $60,000 ongoing for this purpose.  
c Based on count of students who did not meet statewide standards on assessments of reading and math and are not foster youth, low-income students, English learners, or students with disabilities.
d Consists of $339,000 for paying down a backlog of district claims relating to teacher dismissals, $250,000 for homeless student services in San Diego Unified School District, $200,000 for improving the Local Control and Accountability Plan template, and $200,000 for developing a parent-friendly district budget summary.