July 2018

California State Library

California State Library General Fund Changes

(In Thousands)

Initiative Description Amount
2017-18 Revised Spending   $32,508
Local Assistance    
Library literacy services Provides tutoring for more adults to help them become literate. Reflects 52 percent augmentation. $2,500
California Newspaper Project Preserves California newspapers. Located at UC Riverside. Project last received state funds in early 2000s. 430
CENIC cost increases Supports CENIC-managed Internet network for local libraries. To be matched by $263,000 from the California Teleconnect Fund. 350
Oral histories program Produces oral histories in partnership with State Archivist. 250
Subtotal   ($3,530)
One Time    
Broadband grants Supports greater Internet capacity/faster Internet speeds at CENIC-connected libraries ($3 million) and funds more libraries to connect to the CENIC network ($2 million). $5,000
Resource sharing activities Helps certain libraries purchase more books as part of Zip Books initiative ($1 million) and connects digital catalogues of 41 northern California libraries ($450,000). 1,450
Student Authors initiative Funds nonprofit organizations to engage students in public housing developments to write and share their writing with others. 1,000
Lunch at the Library Provides summer meals to disadvantaged individuals at public libraries. 1,000
Felton Library and Discovery Park Helps fund construction of a community learning center and park in Felton. 1,000
Career Online High School Funds high school diploma program for adults. Reflects third year of one-time funding. 1,000
Subtotal   ($10,450)
State Operations    
Rent increases Funds facility rent and heating and cooling cost increases. $340
Digital preservation activities Preserves point-in-time government webpages ($120,000) and increases State Library's digital storage space ($75,000). 195
New position Provides expertise on federal Internet discounts to local libraries. 138
Network security upgrades Funds the purchase of more security subsciptions in response to Military Department audit. 80
Other changes Funds debt service and employee compensation increases. -41
Subtotal   ($712)
One Time    
Collection protection Funds the purchase of (1) a vault to store rare collections and (2) equipment to repair damaged collections. $663
Braille Institute Library Supports nonprofit organization providing free library resources for the blind and visually impaired. 500
Network security upgrades Funds the purchase of security equipment in response to Military Department audit. 135
Subtotal   ($1,298)
Remove prior-year one-time funds Consists of funds provided in 2017-18 for the Civil Liberties Public Education Program ($3 million), the Career Online High School program ($3 million), and upgrades to the State Library's cataloging and search engine functionalities ($215,000). -$6,215
Total Changes   ($9,775)
2018-19 Revised Spending   $42,283
CENIC = Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California.