July 2018

Community Colleges

$1.2 Billion in New Proposition 98 Spending for Community Colleges

2016-17 Through 2018-19 (In Millions)

New apportionments funding formula $175
New high school CTE through Strong Workforce Program 164
COLA for apportionments 173
1 percent enrollment growth 60
Full-time faculty 50
AB 19 fee waivers for first-time full-time students 46
Consolidated financial aid program for full-time students 41
COLA for Adult Education Block Grant 22
New online college 20
Apprenticeships 19
COLA for select student support programs 13
Adult education data system 5
NextUp program for foster youth 5
Financial aid management system upgrades 5
Common course numbering system 1
Academic Senatea 0
Subtotal ($797)
One Time  
New online college $100
Part-time faculty office hours 50
Apprenticeship prior-year shortfalls 36
Minimum 2.71 percent increase to each college's apportionment 35
Competitive grants to increase online course offerings 35
Deferred maintenance and instructional equipment 28
Financial aid management system upgrades 14
Reappropriations 10
New public safety training center at El Camino College 10
Legal services for undocumented students 10
Student mental health services 10
California STEM Pathways Program 10
Hunger-free campus grants 10
Veteran resource centers 8
Open educational resources 6
Re-entry programs for formerly incarcerated students 5
CTE programs for refugee students 5
Classified employee professional development 5
New Early Childhood Education Center at Norco College 5
Certified nursing assistant program 2
Fire-related property tax backfill 2
Los Angeles Valley College Family Resource Center capital improvements 1
Subtotal ($398)
Total $1,195
Note: Updated September 17, 2018 to reflect budget actions adopted as part of Chapter 426 of 2018 (AB 1840, Committee on Budget). 
a Budget provides $232,000 for this purpose. 
CTE=career technical education. COLA=cost-of-living adjustment. 
STEM=science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.