May 2019

K-12 Education

Options for Full-Day Kindergarten Facility Grant Funding

2019-20 (In Millions)

Options Rationale Amount
Fund the unfunded grant applicants from 2018-19 that are low income and run part-day programs. Allows the Legislature to fund the districts that already demonstrated interest in grant funding.

Fund at the current-year level. Allows the Legislature to continue gauging interest in grants under more targeted program rules.

Fund estimated demand for grants among low-income districts currently running part-day programs. Allows the Legislature to provide funding for estimated demand in grants based on LAO survey.

Fund Governor's proposal on a per-year basis. Allows the Legislature to revisit demand for funding on an annual basis, rather than precommitting to two additional years of funding. (The May Revision spreads $600 million across three years.)

LAO = Legislative Analyst's Office.