July 2019

Higher Education

New Higher Education Reporting Requirements

Reports Due to Legislature

Program/Initiative Legislationa Due Date
University of California    
Extended education—allocation plan BBL 30-day notification
Systemwide programs—modified reporting TBL April 1 annually
Food and housing initiatives BBL July 15, 2020 and annually thereafter
Rapid rehousing program BBL July 15, 2020 and annually thereafter
Deferred maintenance and seismic renovation plan SRL January 1, 2021
Extended education—funding, costs, enrollment, and outcomes BBL June 20, 2021 and biennially thereafter
California State University    
Tenure-track faculty hiring—allocation plan BBL October 2019
Basic Needs Partnerships initiative BBL November 1, 2019
Deferred maintenance and seismic renovation plan SRL January 1, 2020
Mental health services BBL April 1, 2020
Project Rebound BBL April 1, 2020 and annually thereafter
New campus studies BBL July 1, 2020
Rapid rehousing program   July 15, 2020 and annually thereafter
Tenure-track faculty hiring—actual spending BBL December 1, 2020 and biennially thereafter until funds fully allocated
Graduation Initiative BBL January 15, 2021
Speech language pathology programs BBL July 1, 2021 and July 1, 2023
Center to Close Achievement Gaps TBL January 30, 2022 and annually thereafter
CalFresh benefits for college students (DSS) TBL November 1, 2019
Statewide longitudinal data system (OPR)b TBL July 1, 2020; October 1, 2020; January 1, 2021
Education innovation grants—allocation of grants (OPR) BBL July 1, 2020
Education innovation grants—student outcomes (OPR) BBL January 1, 2022
Financial Aid    
Private nonprofit transfer admissions—amended reporting date (AICCU) TBL April 15 annually
Children's Savings Account Program (SIB) TBL January 1, 2022
a Unless otherwise noted, BBL refers to Chapter 23 of 2019 (AB 74, Ting), TBL refers to Chapter 53 of 2019 (SB 77, Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review), and SRL refers to the Supplemental Report of the 2019-20 Budget Act.
b The reports are to be completed by a third-party planning facilitator contracted by OPR.
BBL = budget bill language. TBL = trailer bill language. SRL = supplemental reporting language. DSS = California Department of Social Services.      OPR = Office of Planning and Research. AICCU = Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities. SIB = Scholarshare Investment Board.