January 2020

Financial Aid

Changes in California Student Aid Commission Total Spending

(in Millions)

2019-20 Revised Spending $2,705.3
Local Assistance  
Cal Grant adjustments $97.2
Other financial aid program adjustments -0.5
Subtotal ($96.7)
State Operations  
Grant Delivery System modernizationa $5.3
Student loan outreacha 5.0
New leased spaceb 1.8
New positionsc 0.8
Subtotal ($12.9)
Removal of one-time 2019-20 funds -$132.8
Total Changes -$23.2
2020-21 Proposed Spending $2,682.1
a One time.
b Consists of $903,000 ongoing and $943,000 one time. 
c Includes 6 positions for National Voter Registration Act compliance and 3 positions to administer California Dreamer Service Incentive Grant. Governor's budget also provides authority for 6 positions previously funded in 2019-20 Budget Act.